Current Affairs Questions & Answers - Dec 06, 2015

1)   Which bill was recently passed by the Delhi Assembly providing for an ombudsman with the power to act against government functionaries including those belonging to the Centre on 5th December 2015?

a. Jan Lokpal Bill
b. Delhi School Education (Amendment) Bill (DSEAA)
c. Delhi School (Verification of Accounts and Refund of Excess Fee) Bill
d. All of the above
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ANSWER: Jan Lokpal Bill

Delhi Assembly has passed the Jan Lokpal Bill which provides for an ombudsman to act against government functionaries including those of the Centre, which was a tribute to veteran activist Anna Hazare.The bill received 64 votes in favour in a 70 member Delhi Assembly. The Bill has also made provision for one additional HC judge, one eminent person and a former chairperson in the selection panel for the Jan Lokpal. As per the Bill, the impeachment process for the removal will commence only after HC monitors probe against Lokpal. As per provisions of the Bill, Lokpal can even probe corruption against Union Ministers and central government officials in Delhi/NCR.

2)   Negotiators from how many countries delivered a blueprint on 5th December 2015 for saving mankind from historic global warming?

a. 193
b. 195
c. 197
d. 200
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195 nations delivered a blueprint for a pact for saving mankind from global warming raising hopes of a historic agreement in Paris. Planned deal will break the dependence of the world on fossil fuel energy. Around 50 personalities indicated that they would fight climate change including US actor Sean Penn and Internet tycoon from China, Jack Ma.

3)   Indian offspinner launched India’s first every comprehensive sports platform on 5th December 2015. What is it called?

a. BookMyMatch
b. BookMySports
c. BookAMatch
d. BookASports
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ANSWER: BookMySports

Indian offspinner Harbhajan SIngh launched the first every comprehensive sports platform BookMySports which serves as an interface between the Indian public and their access to sports facilities and organising the tournaments. This product is especially relevant for metros where there is less time and space to engage in sports.

4)   Researchers have found where water ions escape from an ion exhaust out of the atmosphere of which planet?

a. Pluto
b. Mars
c. Saturn
d. Neptune
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ANSWER: Saturn

Scientists have found how water ions escape from the environment of Saturn after a point has been located from where the ions leave the planet’s atmosphere. Cassini has been in orbit collecting data since 2004 regarding this planet. An instrument on this space probe measures the charged particles called plasma trapped in space surrounding Saturn through a magnetic field. Cassini had earlier discovered that Saturn’s plasma comprises water ions derived from its moon Enceladus. The scientists also discovered reconnection, a holy grail of plasma physics.

5)   Punjab is going to set up its ___ Pay Commission to provide recommendations for new pay scales for employees.

a. 3rd
b. 4th
c. 5th
d. 6th
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The new commission will have the mandate to provide recommendations regarding new pay scales for employees. The 6th Punjab Pay Commission’s composition, terms and conditions will be finalised shortly by the State Personnel Department. New pay commission will provide recommendations with regard to new pay scales for employees and revision for pensioners.

6)   Recent decision by Defence Ministry allows women air force pilots in IAF on an experimental basis for how many years?

a. 3
b. 5
c. 7
d. 9
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The Defence Ministry has taken the decision to allow women fighter pilots in the Indian Air Force on a temporary basis for a period of 5 years. In October, the Defence Ministry had made the announcement that women would be allowed into combat roles for the first time, commencing with the Air Force.

7)   China’s first domestically developed electricity powered aircraft was approved for production on 4th December 2015. What is it called?

a. RC1E
b. RD1E
c. RX1E
d. None of the above
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RX1E was approved for production on December 4th 2015 by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. This electric light sport aircraft was put together by Shenyang Aerospace University and will be the first manned electric light aircraft of China. This two seater plane is powered by lithium batteries.

8)   International Volunteer Day was held on which day across the world?

a. December 4th
b. December 5th
c. December 6th
d. December 7th
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ANSWER: December 5th

International Volunteer Day was observed on December 5th across the world. The theme was “The World is Changing. Are You? Volunteer”. The theme challenges everyone to be part of the effort to access the sustainable goals for development through mobilisation and engagement with communities and governments.

9)   GAIL India launched a surveillance geo portal known as ________ for monitoring right of use pipeline through space technology.

a. Bhuvan GAIL
b. Bhuvan SAIL
c. Bhuvan India
d. None of the above
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Bhuvan-GAIL, this portal is for monitoring pipeline right of use through space technology. The portal was launched in partnership with National Remote Sensing Centre a unit of ISRO. The company is also looking for advanced methods like UAV which can be integrated with the system.

10)   Which State government has conveyed in principal approval for joining the UDAY Scheme on 5th December 2015?

a. Andhra Pradesh
b. Arunachal Pradesh
c. Kerala
d. Karnataka
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ANSWER: Andhra Pradesh

AP government has given the approval for joining Ujwal Discom Assurance Yojana or UDAY Scheme. The UDAY scheme has been launched to improve financial and operational efficiency of power companies or discoms. The aim is to reduce interest burden and cost of power losses.

11)   Which country celebrated its Independence Day on December 6th 2015?

a. England
b. Finland
c. Switzerland
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Finland

President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee extended greetings to the government and the people of the Republic of Finland on their independence day which is 6th December 2015. President of the Republic of Finland is currently Sauli Niinitso. India and Finland share cordial bilateral relations.