Current Affairs Questions & Answers - Dec 31, 2015

1)   Two environment friendly measures have been launched by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu. They are:

a. 26 MW Wind Mill Plant (Jaisalmer)
b. Head on generation system in Mumbai Rajdhani
c. Both of the above
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Both of the above

Stepping up the ecological initiatives, two environment friendly measures were announced by Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu namely a 26MW wind mill plant in Jaisalmer and a HOG or Head on Generation System in Mumbai Rajdhani. Prabhu also said there is need to protect the environment and promote sustainable development. Wind mill plant has been set up by REMCL or Railways Energy Management Company Ltd, a JV of Indian Railways and RITES Ltd at a cost of INR 160 crore. HOG system will reduce power cost by more than INR 1 crore each year. Within the HOG system, power supply for train lighting and air conditioning in coaches is taken from head power lights, preventing the use of diesel generators in power cars and consequent noise pollution.

2)   Global economic growth will be below par next year according to IMF MD. Who is she?

a. Christine Lagarde
b. Janet Yellan
c. Angela Merkel
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Christine Lagarde

Global economic growth will be disappointing within the year, according to head of IMF MD Christine Lagarde who said the prospect of rising interest rates in the US and economic slowdown in China would lead to economic vulnerability worldwide. Additionally, growth in global trade has lowered considerable and decline in raw materials is an issue for economies linked to these. Moreover, financial risks are rising in the emerging markets. Start of normalisation of the US monetary policy and shift towards consumption led growth were needed to be carried out smoothly.

3)   Union Cabinet has given approval on 30th December 2015 for firming joint venture companies with ________ government.

a. Central
b. State
c. UT
d. District
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Union Cabinet on 30th December 2015 provided approval for forming a joint venture company with state governments to mobilise resources for numerous rail infrastructure projects to provide a bid to push the infrastructure sector. For improving the connectivity between India and neighbouring country Myanmar, Union Cabinet also approved construction of 69 bridges on the TKK or Tamu-Kylgone-Kalewa route of the Trilateral Highway in Myanmar. In the railways JV, Union Cabinet has taken the decision to limit initial paid up capital for Ministry of Railways to INR 50 crore for each state. JVs aim at financial participation of states and quicker decision making to ensure speedy implementation of rail projects.

4)   Union Cabinet has approved agreement/protocol with which nations with respect to taxation on 30th December 2015?

a. Maldives
b. Slovenia
c. Siberia
d. Both a and b
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ANSWER: Both a and b

Union Cabinet has approved the signing of the protocol to amend the convention between India and Slovenia for avoidance of DT and prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income. CCEA also gave approval for the signing and ratification of an agreement for exchange of information with India and Maldives regarding taxes.

5)   Union Cabinet has approved the signing of an MoU between CPWD and which country?

a. Denmark
b. Norway
c. Finland
d. Czech Republic
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ANSWER: Norway

Union Cabinet has approved the signing of an MoU between SINTEF Norway and CPWD for cooperation in developing human resource capacity building and scientific research in the field of construction and demolition waste in India. Construction industry generates close to 10-12 million tonnes of waste each year and while some items are currently recycled. 50% of C&D waste is not recycled in India currently.

6)   Union Cabinet has approved an MoU between which Ministry and Bloomberg Philanthropies NY on 30th December 2015?

a. Ministry of Urban Planning
b. Ministry of Urban Development
c. Ministry of Rural Development
d. Ministry of Rural Planning
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ANSWER: Ministry of Urban Development

Union Cabinet chaired by PM Narendra Modi has provided approval for signing of an MoU between Ministry of Urban Development and New York’s Bloomberg Philanthropies for supporting the development of smart cities. Proposal entails Bloomberg Philanthropies to work as a Knowledge Partner and support the carrying out of the Cities Challenge under the Smart Cities Mission. The Smart Cities Mission was launched on 25th June 2015. This mission seeks to facilitate creation of urban infrastructure and improving urban life quality.

7)   Union Cabinet has provided ex post facto approval for setting up MoU between BRICS countries at what location?

a. BRICS Central University
b. BRICS Headquarters
c. BRICS Central Office
d. BRICS Network University
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ANSWER: BRICS Network University

Union Cabinet provided approval for signing an MoU between BRICS nations on BRICS Network University during the 3rd BRICS Education Minister’s Meeting and Senior Officials held in Moscow, Russia in November 2015. MoU will assist in developing pro-active cooperation among BRICS nations for enhancing scientific research, information exchange, analysis and implementation of best practices.

8)   Union Cabinet has approved the MoU on Conservation of Migratory Birds of Prey in Africa and Eurasia. This is called the following:

a. Raptor MoU
b. Condor MoU
c. Falcon MoU
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Raptor MoU

Union Cabinet has approved the signing of an MoU on Conservation of Migratory Birds of Prey in Africa and Eurasia referred to as Raptor MoU with Convention on Conservation of Migratory Species. With this, India became the 54th signatory to the MoU. Raptor MoU was concluded on 22nd October 2008 and came into effect from November 1st, 2008. Raptor MoU is in conformity with provisions of the existing Wild Life Protection Act 1972. CMS or Bonn Convention under UNEP aims for the conservation of migratory species. India became a signatory in 1983.

9)   MoU has been signed between India and which nation for expanding cooperation in Higher Education?

a. Canada
b. UK
c. US
d. Russia
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ANSWER: Canada

Union Cabinet chaired by PM Narendra Modi has approved the renewal of an MoU between India and Canada for cooperation in Higher Education. MoU will intensify partnership between India and Canada in the field of higher education. MoU between India and Canada concerning cooperation in higher education was signed in June 2010.

10)   CCEA has approved introduction of ATUFS. What is the full form of this scheme?

a. Amended Technology Updation Fund Scheme
b. Amended Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme
c. Amendment Technology Upgradation Fund Schedule
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Amended Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme

CCEA chaired by PM Narendra Modi has approved the introduction of ATUFS or Amended Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme in place or Revised Restructured Technology Upgradation Fund scheme for technology upgradation of the textiles industry with effect from the date of notification of the scheme. New scheme targets employment generation and export as well as promotion of Technical Textiles. Office of Textile Commissioner has been reorganised and set up in each state. Implementation of the scheme would be executed under ITUFS launched in April 2015.

11)   Russia’s Rostech State Corporation has signed an agreement with which defence company for manufacturing Kamov light helicopters?

a. Pawan Hans
b. HAL
c. Reliance Defence Limited
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Russia’s Rostech State Corporation on 29th December 2015 signed an agreement with Hindustan Aeronautics Limitd/ HAL for manufacturing 200 Kamov 226t Light helicopters. Kaman will replace the Cheetah and Chetak. Deal is pegged at USD 1 billion and is the first Russian Indian high tech project implemented under the Make in India initiative.

12)   Who has been elected as the PM of Georgia on 29th December 2015?

a. Giorgi Kvirikashvili
b. Irakli Garibashvil
c. Giorgi Margvelashvili
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Giorgi Kvirikashvili

Giorgi Kvirikashvili was on 29th December 2015 elected as the Prime Minister of Georgia succeeding Irakli Garibashvili, who resigned from the post on 23 December 2015. His appointment will now be ratified by the Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili. He fetched 86 votes of 114 deputies and 28 deputies voted against him. Parliamentary vote also ratified his choice of cabinet. He will head the campaign headquarters of the Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia and the electoral list of the coalition Georgian Dream.

13)   Who has been elected as the Vice Chairman of GCMMF on 29th December 2015?

a. Hetal Shah
b. Jetha Bharwad
c. Vaji Umbad
d. Govind Ranpriya
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ANSWER: Jetha Bharwad

Senior BJP MLA Jetha Bharwad on 29th December 2015 was unanimously elected as the first Vice Chairman of Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation which sells dairy products under the Amul brand name. Dharwad is an MLA from Panchmahal district and he is also the chairman of Panchmahal District Cooperative Milk Producers Union Ltd. Since it was conceived in 1973, the GCMMF has created the post of vice chairman for the first time this year.

14)   Which famous Marathi poet who received the Padma Bhushan, passed away on 30th December 2015?

a. MK Padgaonkar
b. MK Pednenkar
c. MK Joglekar
d. MK Sathe
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ANSWER: MK Padgaonkar

Mangesh Keshav Padgaonkar, an iconic Marathi poet and Padma Bhushan recipient has passed away at the age of 86 on 30th December 2015. He was part of poetry recitation programs held in Maharashtra in the 1960s and 70s besides writing many Marathi films. He was 40 publications to his credit of which US Library of Congress acquired 31. He also received numerous awards including the Sahitya Akademi award, MP Literary Conference Award and Maharashtra State Award.

15)   A National Level Special handling Expo was launched on 30th December 2015. What was its title?

a. Woollen of India
b. Silk of India
c. Jute of India
d. Cotton of India
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ANSWER: Woollen of India

Woollen of India, a National Level Special Handloom Expo was launched at the newly renovated ad upgraded Handloom Haat of Janpath also known as Handloom Marketing Complex. Exhibition is set to showcase India Handloom branded premium handloom products. It will last from 30th December 2015 to 12th January 2016.

16)   Which two countries are set to promote cooperation in IT and electronics, one being India?

a. Kuwait
b. Bahrain
c. Jordan
d. Syria
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ANSWER: Jordan

India and Jordan will be promoting cooperation in information technology and electronics under a pact signed in October. MoU focuses on development and strengthening of industrial, technological and commercial cooperation between the two nations. A working group in IT&E will be formed to facilitate this.

17)   CBSE has rolled out its latest mobile application for providing e-learning material. What is it called?

a. e-Shiksha
b. e-Education
c. e-CBSE
d. None of the above
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CBSE has launched its latest mobile application e-CBSE for providing e-learning material for teachers and students. This is part of the Digital India initiative which seeks to provide learning and teaching resources for complementing and supplementing curriculum transactions. This is in addition to students provided resources by NCERT.