Current Affairs Questions & Answers - Feb 22, 2016

1)   IMLD or International Mother Language Day is observed annually on 21st February. Which year was proclaimed by UN as International Year of Languages?

a. 2006
b. 2007
c. 2008
d. 2009
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ANSWER: 2008

IMLD or International Mother Language Day was observed on 21st February 2016. It was observed every year since February 2000 for promoting linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. The theme for the year 2016 was”Quality Education, Language of Instruction and Learning Outcomes.” On 16th May 2007, UNGA called for the celebration of 2008 as International Year of Languages.

2)   National Award winning Malayalam film Ottaal has been named best film at the Berlin International Film Festival. Which award did it win?

a. Golden Bear
b. Silver Bear
c. Bronze Bear
d. Crystal Bear
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ANSWER: Crystal Bear

National award winning film Ottaal directed by J. R. Nair, it is an adaptation of a short story by Chekov and it was won the Crystal Bear award at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival in the Generation Kplus section. The movie involves an old fisherman as a protagonist along with his grandson. Previously , the following two movies also won awards at this film festival: Killa and Dhanak.

3)   LWE affected areas will undergo relaxation of which norms for projects till December 2018 according to GoI?

a. Green
b. Economic
c. Fiscal
d. None of the above
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For increasing creation of public infrastructure in LWE affected areas by government departments. Centre has extended the relaxation of green norms for projects till December 2018. General approval has been extended up to December 31, 2018. The aim is to expedite infrastructure growth and development in 60 LWE affected areas identified by Planning Commission for Implementation of the Integrated Action Plan. This was further extended to 117 LWE areas till December 2018.

4)   Which well known poet who was also a former LC passed away on 21st February 2016?

a. Ibrahim Ali
b. Kaifi Azmi
c. Gulzar
d. Akbar Ali
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ANSWER: Akbar Ali

Well known poet and former MLC Akbar Ali passed away at the age of 91 after succumbing to cancer on 21st February 2016. He is survived by 3 sons and 3 daughters. He was known for Kannada Chutuku Sahitya and his works included Visha Sindhu, Anna, Sahitya Vivechane, Kannada Kavyadhyana and Samagra Kavya, among others. He was an MLC in the 1980s beside winning several awards such as State Sahitya Academy Award. Rashtriya Ekta award and many more.

5)   Which Indian origin cleric was the leader of Tablighi Jamaat sect in Britain and Europe, and who played an important role in the creation of Markazi Mosque, its European HQ?

a. Hafiz Abdul Saeed
b. Hafiz Yusuf Patel
c. Hafiz Ibrahim Ali
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Hafiz Yusuf Patel

The cleric known for forming the Tablighi Jammat sect in Britain died at the age of 92 and free mourners from UK and other EU nations. Cleric was vital for the creation of the Markazi Mosque in Dewsbury in the late 1970s. The mosque is now the European headquarters for the Tablighi movement.The Tablighi Jamaat organisation was founded in India in 1926 and is closely linked to the conservative Deobandi school in Sunni Islam.

6)   Who has been appointed as the new military chief of N.Korea after the reported execution of his predecessor?

a. Ri Myong Su
b. Ri Yong Gil
c. Ri Sun Yo
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Ri Myong Su

North Korean state media agencies have confirmed that the country has a new military chief, Ri Myong Su who was the former People’s Security Minister. Ri Yong Gil, his predecessor was accused of political factionalism and corruption following which he was reportedly executed. The new military chief is one of the top aides of N.Korean premier Kim Jong Il.

7)   Which religious/spiritual leader has called for a worldwide ban on the death penalty?

a. Archbishop Desmond Tutu
b. Sri Sri Ravishankar
c. Pope Francis
d. Dalai Lama
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ANSWER: Pope Francis

Pope Francis on 21st February 2016 called for a worldwide ban on the death penalty, saying the commandment "You shall not kill" was just as valid for the guilty as for the innocent. He called on politicians worldwide to work for cessation of executions during the Holy Year of the Church. This year ends in November 2016.

8)   Which mission was launched at Dongargad town in Rajnandgaon district of Chhattisgarh aimed at reducing the burden of migration to cities?

a. Rural Urban Mission
b. Rurban Mission
c. Rural Connectivity Mission
d. Rural Linkage Mission
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ANSWER: Rurban Mission

PM Narendra Modi launched the Rurban Mission aimed at reducing the migration to cities in a town named Dongargad in Chhattisgarh. This mission aims at creating 300 urban growth centres in different parts of the country for proper economic development. The mission has been launched to reduce pressure and inflow of people from villages to cities.

9)   Public Investment Board has approved INR 800 crore proposal from which government body/department for setting up payments bank?

a. DoT
b. India Post
c. Indian Railways
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: India Post

Public investment Board has given the approval for an INR 800 crore proposal from India Post for establishing a payments bank. This bank will target unbanked and under-banked customers in rural, semi-rural and remote areas, with a focus on providing simple deposit products and money remittance services. The pilot for the payments bank is set to start from January 2017, and the full-fledged operations may start by March. Close to 40 global financial conglomerates including the World Bank and Barclays have shown interest to partner the postal department for setting up the bank.

10)   What does VLE stand for in the context of Indian banking?

a. Voluntary Local Entrepreneur
b. Village Level Entrepreneur
c. Village Level Enterprise
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Village Level Entrepreneur

Common Service Centres are being channelised and withdrawal facility introduced here in order to provide banking services to each village of the nation by leveraging technology. Facility has been introduced so that banking access point is there in every village. Village level entrepreneurs have earned INR 438 crore as commission so far, financing the startup revolution in India and making the gram panchayat digitally literate.

11)   Faustin Archange Touadera, a former prime minister and math teacher standing as an independent, has been elected president of which region?

a. Western African Republic
b. Central African Republic
c. Southern African Republic
d. Democratic Republic of Congo
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ANSWER: Central African Republic

Touadera won nearly 62% of the votes with arch rival Anicet-Georges Dologuele, a former banker nicknamed “Mr Clean” who had won the first round on December 30 securing 37% of the votes. He was the last premier of the ex-president Francois Bozize who was ousted from power in 2013.
Faustin Archange Touadera, is also a former maths teacher and progressive thinker.

12)   Which country celebrated its Independence Day on February 22, 2016?

a. St. Lucia
b. St. Augustine
c. St. Louis
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: St. Lucia

President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee has extended greetings for the citizens and government of St. Lucia on the eve of their Independence Day namely February 22, 2016. The governor general of St. Lucia is currently Her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy. St Lucia’s PM met the PM of India in September 2015 on the sidelines of UNGA. Ties between the 2 nations are extremely strong.

13)   China central bank has pumped in USD 25 bn to boost liquidity and end the strain on the world’s second largest economy. What is its name?

a. Central Bank of China
b. People’s Bank of China
c. Common Bank of China
d. National Bank of China
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ANSWER: People’s Bank of China

PBOC/People’s Bank of China has pumped in 163 billion yuan or USD 25 billion into 30 financial institutions to ease liquidity in the second largest economy of the world. It is currently witnessing sluggish growth and PBOC pumped money into the financial system in open money market operations via medium term lending facility.

14)   China defeated which country to win the Badminton Asia Team Championships?

a. Japan
b. Bangladesh
c. India
d. Pakistan
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China has beat Japan 3-2 in the finals to win the Badminton Asia Team Championships in the ladies category on 21st February at Gachibowli stadium. Japanese player N. Okuhara attained a winning start against China’s Shixian Wang while Japanese doubles pair continued the winning streak. But China’s Yu Sun won followed by a decisive victory by China’s Yu Luo and Yuanting Tang.

15)   Scientists have discovered a multi sensor artificial skin. What can it sense?

a. Pressure
b. Temperature
c. Humidity
d. All of the above
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ANSWER: All of the above

Researchers have created multiple sensor artificial skin capable of sensing pressure, humidity, temperature, pH value, proximity and air flow. The artificial skin can respond to external stimuli and has key applications in medicine as well as robotics. This paper based skin is layered onto a post it note and has sensing components. It is created out of recyclable materials. This marks the first time a singular platforms showing milt-sensory functionalities akin to natural skin has been developed. It is being monitored or read simultaneously like the human skin.

16)   Which Republican candidate has ended his campaign for presidency on 20th February 2016?

a. Jeb Bush
b. Ted Cruz
c. Marco Rubio
d. Donald Trump
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ANSWER: Jeb Bush

Republic leader Jeb Bush ended his campaign for presidency on 20th February 2016 following a loss in the South Carolina caucus. Bush ended his campaign even as another Republican candidate Donald Trump won the caucus and much acclaim. For the Democrats in Nevada, Hillary Clinton triumphed over Bernie Sanders.

17)   Internet users in India would reach what number by 2017, according to Google?

a. 400 million
b. 500 million
c. 600 million
d. 700 million
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ANSWER: 500 million

Number of internet users in India will reach 500 million by the year 2017 with close to 400 million of them using mobile phones to get online, as per Google. There are 350 million internet users in India currently of which 152 million are mobile users.