Current Affairs Questions & Answers - Jan 07, 2016

1)   Which Mumbai cricketer has become the first batsman in the country to score 1000 plus runs in an innings in any form of cricket?

a. MS Dhoni
b. Viral Kohli
c. Ajinkya Rahane
d. Pranav Dhanawade
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ANSWER: Pranav Dhanawade

Pranav Dhanawade, a cricketer from Mumbai has become the first batsman to score 1000 plus runs in an innings in any form of cricket. Pranav reached 1000 runs in 323 balls at the under 16 inter school event organised by Mumbai Cricket Association for benefit of suburban schools. Pranav’s epic performance of 395 minutes included 59 6s and 129 4s. His team was declared winner at 1465/3 which is also a world record and Pranav remained an unbeaten 1009. He broke a 116 year old cricketing record.

2)   Which prominent educationist and social reform’s 200th birth anniversary celebrations were held on January 6, 2016 at Nadia, WB?

a. Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya
b. Raja Ram Mohan Roy
c. I. C. Vidyasagar
d. Pandit Madan Mohan Tarkalankar
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ANSWER: Pandit Madan Mohan Tarkalankar

President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated the 200th birth anniversary celebrations of Pandit Madan Mohan Tarkalankar at Nadia district, Bilwagram in WB on January 6, 2016. His historic contribution for spreading education among women and doing away with social stigma in 13th century Bengal are legendary. He authored the first Bengal Primary school text book in 3 volumes called Shishushiksha.

3)   The 7th National Conference on Women in Police was held at which location in Kadarpur Gurgaon from Jan 6-8, 2016?

a. CRPF Academy
b. Lala Bahadur Shastri Academy
c. IAF Academy
d. CAPF Academy
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MHA minister Shri. Radiant Singh inaugurated the 7th National Conference on Women in Police at CRPF Academy in Kadarpur, Gurogaon. The three day national conference was held from January 6-8, 2016. It was attended by 300 women personnel of state and central police services from the rank of DG to constable. Women represent 50% of the population and sustained self development of the country is not possible without their participation. Home Ministry has said women’s representation is inadequate and Government is committed to provide adequate representation to them. MHA has issued instructions for 33% recruitment of women in police in UTs and CAPF recently. Kerala was the first Indian state to have women in the police force.

4)   Indian space agency ISRO is setting up the country’s first space park at which location?

a. Hyderabad
b. Chennai
c. Bengaluru
d. Madurai
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ANSWER: Bengaluru

Indian space agency ISRO is set to open a 100 acre space park in Bengaluru where private industry players will be setting up facilities for making subsystems and components for satellites. Space Park is coming up near Whitefield for the private industry. This is going to be the country’s first park.

5)   Traces of which animal were found for the first time in China’s Jilin province by forest officials?

a. Bear
b. Lion
c. Snow Leopard
d. Siberian Tiger
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ANSWER: Siberian Tiger

Pug marks and dead prey from wild Siberian tigers were found in China’s Jilin province, suggesting that the tiger population has expanded in this region for the first time. Latest survey by government authorities found that 27 Siberian tigers are currently flourishing in Jilin. Jilin is an ecologically corridor from Russo-Chinese border to Huangnihe nature reserve under the area administered by Baishishan Forestry Bureau. Siberian tigers are currently among the most endangered species in the world. They are found in NE China and eastern Russia.

6)   Following the Rann Utsav, the second edition of the Polo Utsav is being celebrated. What is its other name?

a. Red Festival
b. White Festival
c. Green Festival
d. Yellow Festival
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ANSWER: Green Festival

Following the success of the Rann Utsav, the 2nd edition of the Polo Utsav will be a grander event this year. Festival highlighting ancient forests near Vijaynagar in Sabarkantha district will be held for 2 months commencing from January 9th. Polo Utsav was organised for 15 days last year. The first Polo Utsav was organised in Abhapur in Vijaynagar. Polo Utsav is also called Green Festival and involves numerous attractions such as cycling and adventure sports to promote eco tourism with sustainable livelihood. Located on the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan, Polo is one of the best protected forest stretches close to the Hamav River.

7)   Which NASA observatory has found evidence of powerful has blasts produced by supermassive black holes 26 million light years from earth, triggering the formation of new stars?

a. Kepler
b. Chandra
c. Messier
d. Cassini
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ANSWER: Chandra

NASA's Chandra X-ray observatory has located evidence of powerful gas blasts produced by super massive black hole 26 million light years away from earth. This is one of the nearest super massive black holes to the earth currently undergoing massive outbursts. Outburst was in the super massive blackhole centred in the small galaxy NGC 5195. Companion galaxy is merging with large spiral galaxy NGC 5194 known as “The Whirlpool.” The galaxies are located in Messier 51 galaxy system 26 million light years from earth. The Chandra data detected 2 arcs of x-ray emission close to centre of NGC 5195.

8)   Which entrainment conglomerate has entered into a deal to buy monitor stake in leading headwear company Osterhout Design Group?

a. Dreamworks
b. 21st Century Fox
c. MGM
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: 21st Century Fox

21st Century Fox has announced on 5th January 2016 that it has agreed to purchase a minority stake in leading headwear maker for virtual and augmented reality, Osterhout Design Group. This news comes against the backdrop of hit film “The Martian” in which Matt Damon plays a earth space traveller left behind by shipmates on the red planet.

9)   How many minor planets have been named after top Chinese scientists including country’s first Nobel laureate scientist Tu Youyou?

a. 3
b. 4
c. 5
d. 6
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Total of 5 minor planets have been named after top Chinese scientists including the nation’s first Nobel laureate Tu Youyou. Naming was assigned by National Astronomical Observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences and approved by International Astronomical Union Minor Planet Centre. Minor planet 31230 was named after Nobel laureate Tu while minor planets 12935, 19282, 32928 and 9221 were named after Zheng Zhemin, Zhang Cunhao, Xie Jialin and Wu Liangyong respectively. All the scientists except Tu are winners of the country’s top science prize, State Top Scientific and Technological Award. 5 minor planets were discovered between 1995 and 1999 by Beijing Schmidt CCD Asteroid Program in N. China.

10)   TATA Trust has signed an MoU with which prominent global food manufacturer for advancing agricultural development and addressing malnutrition and food safety in India?

a. PepsiCo
b. Nestle
c. Mars Incorporated
d. Cadbury
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ANSWER: Mars Incorporated

TATA Trusts and leading international food manufacturer Mars Inc has entered into an MoU for working to advance agricultural development, addressing malnutrition and enhancing food safety in India, as per a joint statement. TATA Trusts that will participate in the initiative include Sir Dorabji TATA Trust, Sir Ratan TATA Trust, and Navajbhai Ratan TATA Trust. Apart from being a food manufacturer, Mars Inc has also said it will work with TATA Trust to develop methods to boost crop productivity. The crops that will be focus include mint, peanuts, rice, and legumes. Mars Food, a segment of Mars, Incorporated, will also conduct joint research with Tata Trusts on nutritional guidelines that can help address anemia and other forms of malnutrition, the joint statement added.

11)   Ericsson has collaborated with which telecom giant to build smart, sustainable cities using IoT innovations in the US?

a. Vodafone
b. BT
c. Airtel
d. AT&T
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Swedish MNC provider of communication technology, Ericsson has collaborated with American telecom giant AT&T to build smart, sustainable cities through Internet of Things Innovation in the US. Alliance will deploy information and communication technology to improve the lives of citizens. Ericsson will help to establish smart, sustainable cities by connecting the 100 cities in the world with 4G/LTE and enabling intelligent infrastructure connectivity. Ericsson will also invest in safety, transportation and utilities/energy sectors.

12)   California based BioQ Pharma has signed a agreement with which pharma major on January 6th 2016?

a. Sun
b. Cipla
c. Ranbaxy
d. GSK
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California based BiioQ Pharma has signed a distribution, supply and development agreement with pharma major Cipla Ltd for commercialisation of its Ropivacaine infusion pharmaceutical in India.
BioQ Pharma is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialisation of single-use, large volume and ready-to-use infusible pharmaceuticals.

13)   Harman International Industries has agreed to purchase which automotive cybersecurity company?

a. Norton
b. QuickHeal
c. Symantec
d. TowerSec
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ANSWER: TowerSec

Harman International Industries, best identified in the market for JBL and Harman Kardon audio systems has agreed to purchase automotive cybersecurity company TowerSec as part of efforts to boost security in offerings designed for connected vehicles. Harman’s largest business is selling infotainment and audio products to international automakers. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

14)   Union Cabinet has approved closure of which prominent PSU?

a. HMT Watches
b. HMT Chinar Watches
c. HMT Bearings
d. All 3 of the above
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ANSWER: All 3 of the above

Union Cabinet on 6th January approved the closure of iconic HMT watches and offered VRS to employees as per 2007 pay scales. While two other unviable units of the PSU, HMT Chinar Watches and HMT Bearings are to be shut down and movable and immovable assets of these companies will be disposed of as per the government policy, an official statement said after the decision was taken at a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.The Cabinet also gave its nod to the closure formalities of five public sector units (PSUs) under the Heavy Industries Ministry including Tungabhadra Steel and Hindustan Cables for shutting down which the government had earlier given an in-principle approval.

15)   Yahoo has pulled the plug on its online video hub. What is it called?

a. YouTube
b. Netflix
c. Yahoo Screen
d. iMovies
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ANSWER: Yahoo Screen

Yahoo has brought Yahoo Screen, an online video hub to an end. Overhaul of Yahoo Screen came 16 months ago through new mobile app featuring clips from NBC’s Saturday Night Life and other well known TV shows. Yahoo is now moving the video across digital magazines and other services such as Yahoo Music.

16)   Which two companies have announced the expansion of a partnership to distribute original TV series in markets across the world, except China?

a. Netflix and DreamWorks
b. YouTube and 21st Century Fox
c. Yahoo Screen and MGM
d. Netflix and 21st Century Fox
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ANSWER: Netflix and DreamWorks

Netflix and DreamWorks Animation have announced the expansion of a partnership for distributing original TV series, old and new in markets across the world excepting China. The deal was first struck in 2011 and covered distribution of DreamWork Animation features expanding in 2013 to include original programs inspired by popular animated toons of the company. Netflix has been given streaming rights to the studio’s feature film library. Netflix currently operates in more than 60 nations and has 69 million subscribers across the world.