Current Affairs Questions & Answers - Jan 17 & 18, 2016

1)   PM Narendra Modi has released which scheme on 17th January 2016?

a. Start Up India
b. Make in India
c. Digital India
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Start Up India

PM Narendra Modi released the first Startup India action plan addressing the gathering of eminent names from the industry. The aim should be to grow and not just earn money. Startup is not just about capital and funding, but involves finding solutions to numerous problems.

2)   Who has won Taiwan’s presidential election after the defeat of the ruling party?

a. Tsai Ing-wen
b. Tnai Ink-wen
c. Ma ying-jeou
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Tsai Ing-wen

Taiwan’s independence leaning opposition leader Tsai Ing-wen has won the island’s presidential election after the ruling party admitted defeat. Tsai will be thrust into Asia’s toughest and most dangerous job after losing Nationalists fled from Mao Zedong’s Communists to Taiwan in the Chinese civil war. Wen will have to balance the superpower interests of China which is the largest trading partner for Taiwan.

3)   China backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has been formally launched by whom?

a. President XI Jingling
b. President Xi Jingping
c. President Shinzo Abe
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: President Xi Jingping

China based Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in which India and 56 other nations have joined as founding members was formally launched by President Xi Jingping. Dinesh Sharma leads the Indian delegation for which the US based ADB has identified potential co-financing projects with AIIB in areas such as transport, urban and water, renewable energy etc.

4)   Who has won the DSC prize for South Asian Literature 2016 for the novel Sleeping on Jupiter which deals with violence against women?

a. Anuradha Roy
b. Arundhati Roy
c. Asha Roy
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Anuradha Roy

India’s Anuradha Roy has won the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2016 for her novel Sleeping on Jupiter. This deals with the subject of violence against women. At the Fairway Galle Literary Festival in Galle, Sri Lankan PM Ranil Wickremesinghe presented her with the rpize. This novel has been chosen on account of elegance, readability and flair. Other authors and novels in contention for this year’s prize were: Akhil Sharma (Family Life); K.R. Meera (Hangwoman) [translated by J. Devika]; Mirza Waheed (The Book of Gold Leaves), Neel Mukherjee (The Lives of Others) and Raj Kamal Jha (She Will Build Him A City).

5)   Independent Delhi based writer Ankita Anand has won the EU prestigious award, the Lorenzo Natali Media Prize for 2015 under which category?

a. Asia and Pacific amateur category
b. Asia and Africa amateur category
c. Asia amateur category
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Asia and Pacific amateur category

Ankita Anand on 14th January 2016 won the European Commission prestigious Lorenzo Natali Media Prize in 2015 in Asia and Pacific amateur category. She has earned the prize for a young woman’s story of facing the diktat of khap panchayats in Haryana with the title Stirrings Beneath the Peepul published in the journal The Equator Linel. Arison Tamfu editor of the Cameron Journal has won the Lorenzo Natali Grand Prize for critical investigative report on the manner in which the UN Climate change negotiations called on nations to make the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Organized by the European Commission’s DG for International Cooperation and Development since 1992. The Prize is divided into two distinct categories- amateur and professional journalism.

6)   Haryana’s child sex ratio has crossed the 900 mark for the first time in a decade in December 2015.  What is the overall recorded sex ratio?

a. 902
b. 903
c. 904
d. 905
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Haryana’s child sex ratio (0-6 aged group) crossed the 900 mark for the first time in decade in December 2015. This is a major jump from 2011 when the census figures showed the state has the worst sex ratio in the nation- 834. Sirs topped the table with 999 girls per 1,000 boys in the state where there is a high incidence of female foeticide. Officials said 12 districts have recorded gender ratio of above 900. Panchkula has registered a sex ratio of 961 followed by Karnal (959), Fatehabad (952), Gurgaon (946), Sonipat (942), Jind (940), Rewari (931), Mewat (923), Bhiwani, Mahendragarh (912) and Hisar (906). State overall recorded sex ratio of 903.

7)   Analjit Singh has resigned as Chairman of which company following the demerger of the Max India Ltd?

a. Max Financial Services Ltd
b. Max India Ltd
c. Max Life Insurance Policy
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Max Financial Services Ltd

Analjit Singh on 15th January 2016 has resigned as Chairman of Max Financial Services Ltd after the demerger of Max India Ltd. Singh will continue to serve as Chairman of Max Ventures and Industries Ltd. Singh will also be Chairman Emeritus and a permanent invitee for boards and committees of all Max Group companies.

8)   World Bank has added a zoo to its list of projects to help. Which one is it?

a. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park
b. National Zoological Park
c. Mysore Zoo
d. Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan
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ANSWER: Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

World Bank tames wild economies and enables people to stabilise fluctuating finances but in a global first, banker has also extended support to urban regeneration. In Vishakapatnam, global bank is extending an assistance of USD 20 million for helping reconstruct the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park. This has been devastated by cyclone Hudhud. This is part of the USD 370 million from 2015-2020.

9)   Which LCA has been designed and developed by DRDO?

a. Jyoti
b. Tejas
c. Trishanku
d. None of the above
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History has been created when the Light Combat Aircraft Tejas which has been indigenously designed and developed by DRDO touched the foreign soil at Bahrain’s Sakhir Airbase. For the first time, LCA Tejas has flown into foreign space to participate in the Bahrain International Airshow during 21 to 23 January 2016.

10)   SIHS has signed an MoU with which institution in the field of social welfare and justice?

a. Babasaheb Ambedkar Research and Training Institute
b. Balasaheb Ambedkar Research and Training Institute
c. Babasaheb Ambedkar Research and Technology Institute
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Babasaheb Ambedkar Research and Training Institute

Symbiosis Institute of Health Science a constituent unit of the SIA has signed an MoU with Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Research and Training Institute/BARTI for skill based training in the healthcare sector. SIHS will provide training to BARTI candidates in areas such as home healthcare provider, dental assistant and diabetic educator.

11)   First flower has bloomed in space. What type of flower is it?

a. Gladioli
b. Chrysanthemum
c. Zinnia
d. Pansy
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ANSWER: Zinnia

First flower has bloomed in outer space namely an orange Zinnia. Flower is native in the southwestern United States. NASA astronaut Scott Kelly has released a photo of the first every flower grown in space.

12)   NASA has commenced a programme for detection and tracking of NEOs. What are NEOs?

a. Near Earth Objects
b. New Earth Objects
c. Near Endemic Objects
d. Near Entropic Objects
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ANSWER: Near Earth Objects

NASA has commenced a new programme for detection and tracking of near Earth objects - comets and asteroids passing by the orbit of earth- to ward off threats to the planet. Close to 13,500 near Earth objects of differing sizes have been discovered to date with 95% of them since NASA funded surveys commenced in 1998. Close to 1,500 NEOs have been detected each year.

13)   President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee has condoled the passing away Pf. Shri. V. Rama Rao. Which state is he the former Governor of?

a. Sikkim
b. Meghalaya
c. Manipur
d. Nagaland
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ANSWER: Sikkim

President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee has condoled the passing away of Shri. V Rama Rao, former Sikkim governor. Shri Rao has served the nation in different capacities during his public life. He worked as member of the Andhra Pradesh State Legislative Council for terms from 1966-1990. The nation will remember him for contributions and the pursuit of excellence in public life.