Current Affairs Questions & Answers - Jan 20, 2016

1)   Government has established an institution for studying earthquakes in which part of the world?

a. Shillong Geophysical Research Centre
b. Meghalaya Geophysical Research Centre
c. Manipur Geophysical Research Centre
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Shillong Geophysical Research Centre

GoI has established a state of the art institution Shillong Geophysical Research Centre for studying seismic processes and generation of processor model for predicting earthquakes. Centre was inaugurated by the Union Minister for Science and Technology and Earth Sciences within the Indian Institute of Geomagnetism. The newly formed centre at Shillong will decipher pre and co seismic signatures in numerous NE regions. Indian Institute of Geomagnetism is a leading research organization under DST involved in geomagnetism and associated fields.

2)   India’s sugar production has risen by what percent since January 2015?

a. 5
b. 6
c. 7
d. 8
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India’s sugar production has risen by 7% to 110.90 lakh tonnes till January 2015 at the end of the marketing year ending September as mills start commencing with operations earlier. Sugar production in India is the world’s largest producer and consumer pegged at 103.82 lakh tonnes during the period of 2014-2015 marketing year. Sugar mills have commenced crane crushing operations earlier this year.

3)   The largest Canyon in the world has been discovered in which part of the world?

a. America
b. Antarctica
c. Arctic
d. Tropics
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ANSWER: Antarctica

This is the world’s largest canyon which is far larger than the Grand Canyon in the US has been spotted by Chinese scientists who participated in the Antarctic expedition to the South pole. Canyon has more than 1000 kilometers in length and 1500 meters in depth as well as 26.5 kilometers in width. Grand Canyon was once the world’s largest canyon. China’s expedition team has found the canyon in the Princess Elizabeth Area of the South Pole.

4)   Former Maharashtra health minister Dr. Daulatrao Aher has passed away. He was also an:

a. ENT surgeon
b. State health minister
c. Chairman of leading educational institution
d. All of the above
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ANSWER: ENT surgeon

Ex Maharashtra health minister and senior BJP leader Dr. Daulatrao Aher has passed away on 19th January 2016 following illness in Nashik at 74. He was an ENT surgeon hailing from Nashiki taluka in Maharashtra. He has also headed social and educational institutions.

5)   Glenn Frey has passed away from health complications. Which band did he belong to?

a. Eagles
b. Sparrows
c. Robins
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Eagles

Glenn Frey, founding member and guitarist of the Eagles was a popular and commercially successful artist who has passed away on 18th January 2016 in NY at age 67. Frey succumbed to complications from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Acute Ulcerative Colitis and Pneumonia. He is a founding member of the rock band The Eagles.

6)   Government has approved establishment of two national centers of ageing at which locations?

a. New Delhi
b. Chennai
c. Kolkata
d. Both a and b
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ANSWER: Both a and b

Government of India has approved the establishment of two National Centres of Aging- one under AIIMS New Delhi and Madras Medical College, Chennai. This is under the tertiary level component of the National Programme for Health Care of the Elderly under the 12th 5 year plan period. National Centres of Ageing are expected to be Centres of Excellence in the field of Geriatric Care in the country. The functions of the National Centres will be (i) Health care delivery; (ii) Training of health professionals; (iii) Research activities along with 200 bedded in-patient services.

7)   French President Francois Hollande has declared what type of emergency to redefine the country’s socio-economic model?

a. Social
b. Economic
c. Both a and b
d. Neither a nor b
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ANSWER: Both a and b

French President Francois Hollande has declared a state of emergency that is asocial and economic for redefining the economic and social model. Hollande has unveiled a euro 2 billion plan to catch up with fast moving economies of the world. As per the scheme, which lasts for two years, companies with less than 250 people will receive 2000 euro bonus for every new employee.