Current Affairs Questions & Answers - Mar 04, 2016

1)   Dr. Bhagwati Lal Vyas was chosen for which award on 2nd March 2016?

a. Bihari Puraskar
b. Maharashtrian Puraskar
c. Kerala Puraskar
d. Bihari Samman
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ANSWER: Bihari Puraskar

Well known poet Dr. Bhagwati Lal Vyas was chosen for the 2015 Bihari Puraskar on March 2nd 2016. He was chosen for his Rajasthani poem antholohy “Katha Sun Aawe Hai Sabad”. He is also a previous recipient of the Sahitya Akademi Award and his work forces on social disparity and loss of human values through positivity. His well known works include Shatabdi Niruttar and Suraj Leelti Ghatiyan.

2)   Which ruler of what is present day Rajasthan was the eldest son of the founder of Udaipur, Udai Singh II?

a. Maharana Pratap Singh
b. Amar Singh I
c. Sawai Madhav Singh
d. Mansingh
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ANSWER: Maharana Pratap Singh

Pratap Singh (1540-1597) was the ruler of Mewar, a north western Indian region in current day Rajasthan. His birth anniversary is celebrated on the 3rd day of the phase called Jyestha Shukla. Succeeded by his eldest son Amar Singh, Maharana Pratap Singh belonged to the Sisodia clan of Rajputs. His 475th birth anniversary was celebrated by University of Rajasthan and NMML along with Ministry of Culture, GoI. A day long conference on Maharana Pratap and his times will also be held on 3rd March 2016.

3)   Which famous actor-director who created television’s longest soap opera Coronation Street has passed away?

a. Tony Warren
b. Elliott Clarke
c. Anthony McVay Tony Simpson
d. Both a and b are the same person
e. Both a and c are the same person
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ANSWER: Both a and c are the same person

Tony Warren, creator of the longest running soap opera Coronation Street passed away following a short illness at the age of 79. He created the soap opera based in Greater Manchester. Born in the 1930s as Antony McVay Tony Simpson, he was also an actor and novelist. In 1994, he was awarded an MBE.

4)   Martin Crowe a famous cricketer succumbed to cancer. Which country was he the former captain of?

a. New Zealand
b. Australia
c. England
d. Zimbabwe
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ANSWER: New Zealand

Martin Crowe, a former New Zealand captain has passed away due to cancer on March 3rd, 2016. He died at the age of 53 from cancer of the immune system or lymphoma. The Kiwi batsman is regarded as a cricketing legend and was named a Wisden Cricketer in 1985.

5)   Which stock exchange has appointed Mrugank Paranjpe as its CMD?

a. NSE
b. BSE
c. MCX
d. None of the above
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Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited, the largest commodity exchange of the nation on 29th February 2016 appointed Mrugank Paranajpe as CMD. Appointment is subject to period of three years following SEBI approval. MCX has been without an MD since May 2014. Joint MD charge had been given to PK Singhal for this period. Paranjpe has been working with Deutsche Bank for the past 15 years and is its India Head.

6)   Delhi has become the first state in the country to launch which virus vaccine?

a. Zika
c. Avian Flu
d. HPV
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Delhi has become the first state in the nation to launch the HPV or Human Papillomavirus at a public health programme for school children.HPV vaccine protects persons against 150 odd HPVs many of which are associated with cervical cancer. As part of the programme, girls studying in government schools from Class VI onwards will be targeted. Programme will target 1-1.5 lakh girls during the first phase and a third booster will be provided within 240 days of the first vaccine.

7)   ESSO-IMD will come out with a summer advisory temperature outlook this year. What does ESSO-IMD stand for?

a. East System Science Organisation Indian Meteorological Department
b. Earth System Science Organisation Indian Meteorological Department
c. Earth Studies Science Organisation Indian Meteorological Department
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Earth System Science Organisation Indian Meteorological Department

Earth System Science Organisation-Indian Meteorological Department has come out with a summer advisory or summer temperature outlook for the first time from April to June 2016 towards the close of March. Extended range forecast up to 15 days of summer temperature with 5 day updates will also be issued by ESSO IMD. Declaration of drought has been changed from All India Drought Year to All India Deficient Rainfall Year.

8)   Scientists have heard fast radio bursts from outside the galaxy. What are these?

a. Long repeated sounds
b. Sounds emanating from deep space
c. Bursts were singular events
d. Both a and b
e. None of the above
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Both a and b

Scientists have heard a long, repeated sound deep from within space and this 10 millisecond long fast radio bust is an example of a mysterious radio wave coming from outside the galaxy. Previously, these bursts were thought to be singular events yet a new study found that these sources send out messages which are repeated. This FRBs are coming from far away indicating they are likely neutron stars within other galaxies

9)   Which hospitality major group has inked a pact with real estate firm Subramanya Construction and Development Company and the Maldives government for designing, building and managing a luxury resort?

a. Taj
b. Oberoi
c. Hilton
d. Leela Palace
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Oberoi

Hotel group Oberoi has inked a pact with Maldives government for designing and managing a luxury resort in partnership with Subramanya Construction and Development Company. Pact was signed to bring the hospitality of the group to the Maldives. Oberoi is a chain of 30 hotels, two cruisers and a motor vessel under the luxury “Oberoi” brand.

10)   Which private sector lender has purchased 5% stake in IiAS from BSE?

d. Yes Bank
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ANSWER: Yes Bank

The private sector lender has purchased over 5 percent stake in the investor advisory firm, acquiring 5,00,750 shares of the firm from BSE which equals 5.006 percent of the paid up capital of the country. IiAS is a proxy advisory firm and an independent think tank on corporate governance.

11)   “Who Was Shivaji?” is a book authored by which well known rationalist?

a. M. M .Kalburgi
b. Govind Pansare
c. Prabhat Patnaik
d. Anirudh Deshpande
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Govind Pansare

Book entitled “Who was Shivaji?” authored by rationalist Govind Pansare was in news in March 2016 following the celebration of Shivaji Jayanti in February 2016. Introduction of the book was written by A. Deshpande and Afterword was written by P. Patnaik.

12)   Which business school has tied up with NHAI for ensuring development of managerial competence?

a. ISB
b. IIM-A
c. IIM-K
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NHAI has tied up with Indian School of Business, Hyderabad for the development of competence of its technical and managerial manpower. The programme called Leadership Programme in Infrastructure Management relates to multiple disciplines namely economics, finance, law and social as well as environmental issues.

13)   First edition of e-newsletter has been released by Union Textile Ministry for what purpose(s)?

a. Sharing news regarding the Ministry functioning
b. Sharing important news on developments in textile sector
c. Empowering and taking governance closer to people
d. All of the above
e. None of the above
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: All of the above

Union Textiles Minister, Shri Santosh Kumar Gangwar launched the first edition of e-newsletter of Ministry of Textiles which will share important news regarding its functioning and developments to empower and engage stakeholders and bring governance closer to the people.

14)   A dragonfly has taken the record for the world’s longest travel as it migrates from one continent to another. What is its species?

a. Monarch
b. Pantala
c. Green Damer
d. None of the above
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Pantala

A type of dragonfly has taken the record for the longest travel in the world as it migrates from one content to another, according to Newark researchers from Rutgers University. Earlier, monarch butterflies migrating across N American were considered the longest migrating insects but the Pantala destroyed any migrating record of their’s. Its cousin Green Damer or Anax Junius is also a world traveller. Pantala (also known as Pantala lfavescens) is located in areas as far apart as Texas, Japan, Korea, India and South American.

15)   Swedish Royal Court has just named Princess Victoria’s newly born son as ___________.

a. Oscar Carl Olof
b. Gustav Carl Olof
c. Henreich Carl Olof
d. None of the above
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Oscar Carl Olof

Swedish Royal Court has announced that Crown Princess Victoria’s newly born son and second child will be referred to as Oscar Carl Olof. He will also be known as Duke of Skane and be third in line after mother and elder sister Princess Estelle. IN 1980, Sweden changed inheritance laws to allow eldest heir to inherit the throne regardless of whether it is a male or female heir.

16)   Who is the youngest billionaire in the world?

a. Katharina Andresen
b. Alexandra Andresen
c. Scarlett Johanson
d. None of the above
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Alexandra Andresen

Alexandra Andresen entered the Forbes Billionaire List at the age of 19 worth USD 1.2 billion along with 20 year old sister Katharina. She is the daughter of an Oslo investor called Johan Andersen who has transferred the stock of Ferd Holding company to both sisters to the tune of 42.2%.

17)   Which United States agency has issued a loan guarantee making it the first one from America for the Indian health sector?

d. None of the above
Answer  Explanation 


The loan guarantee has been issued to RBL Bank Limited providing loans totalling USD 9 million to Wellspring Healthcare Private Limited (Healthspring). This is the first loan guarantee that USAID will provide in the country's health sector. High quality primary healthcare would be provided through this.