Current Affairs Questions & Answers - Mar 17, 2016

1)   LS passed the Aadhaar Bill in it’s ________ form even as it was sent back by the RS.

a. changed
b. original
c. simple
d. none of the above
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ANSWER: original

LS passed the contentious Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Bill even as it was sent back by the RS which wanted 5 amendments to the bill. The government has a majority in the LS and brought the measure to the lower house as a money bill. RS does not have power to vote on this and can only suggest changes. Government took the decision to frame the Aadhar Bill as the money bill because subsidies to be backed by the Bill are expenditure incurred by GoI. Money bills are those concerned with taxes, expenditure and government funds.

2)   NGT has been stressing the notification of which sanctuary as a tiger reserve?

a. Gir
b. Nandankanan
c. Ratanpani
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Ratanpani

Facing pressure from the National Green Tribunal on the issue of notifying Ratapani sanctuary as a tiger reserve, Jabalpur has decided to go ahead with admin reforms for creating a separate Ratapani wildlife division. In principle approval in 2008 has already been given by National Tiger Conversation Authority to make Ratapani sanctuary a tiger reserve. Ratapani wildlife division will replace the Obedullaganj forest division. This will facilitate the management of wildlife in Ratapani sanctuary.

3)   Which author has written Gandhi: An Illustrated Biography?

a. Pramod Kumar
b. Pramod Saxena
c. Pramod Singh
d. Pramod Kapoor
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ANSWER: Pramod Kapoor

The book authored by Pramod Kapoor is a biography of Mahatma Gandhi who played a key role in Indian independence movement. The founder and publisher of Roli books released the book to decode Gandhi for the youth.

4)   Ustad Ali Ahmad Hussain Khan has passed away recently. Which instrument did he play?

a. Tabla
b. Shehnai
c. Flute
d. Sitar
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ANSWER: Shehnai

Ustad Ali Ahmad Hussain Khan, one of the best-known players of the instrument after the legendary Bismillah Khan, passed away in Kolkata following prolonged illness at 77 and is survived by his five sons, five daughters and a number of grandchildren. Ustad Khan was felicitated with the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his musical contributions. He was from a well known family of Shehnai exponents from Banaras and also featured in AIR and Doordarshan.

5)   What percent of milk in India does not confirm to standards laid down by the food regulators?

a. 65%
b. 67%
c. 68%
d. 70%
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About 68% of the milk in India does not confirm to standards laid down by the food regulator. The most common adulterant found include detergent, glucose, caustic soda, refined oil and white paint. GPS technology could be used to find out where the milk is being tampered with, Science and Technology Minister Harsh Vardhan said.

6)   Which will be the first state for having a coastal reserve for protection of turtles?

a. Kerala
b. Karnataka
c. Goa
d. Maharashtra
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CM Laxmikant Parsekar announced that Goa will be the first state to have a coastal reserve for protection of turtles.

Goa will be the first state to have a coastal reserve for protection of turtles, chief minister Laxmikant Parsekar said on Wednesday in Galjibagh in Canacona taluka. This will be first coastal reserve for turtles in the country, he said. Galgibaga is one of the famous turtle nesting sites in Goa. Over the years due to developmental activities, turtle habitat has been disturbed both in north Goa and south Goa.

7)   Kris S Gopalakrishnan, software major founder and Atul Nishar, Aptech founder, have invested in which startup?

a. CollegeDunia
b. Avagmah
c. MotaChashma
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Avagmah

Kris S Gopalkrishnan has invested a non disclosed amount in Avagmah, an educational technology start up associated with higher education along with Aptech co-founder Atul Nishar. The two-year-old startup works with Pondicherry University, Bharathidasan University and Loss-Angles-based UCLA Extension. Its investors include Singapore-based Lionrock Capital, serial entrepreneur Ganesh Krishnan and Mumbai-based investment firm Zodius Capital founder Neeraj Bhargava. NIT Kurukshetra alumni KS Karthik has founded the startup.

8)   Leiden University astronomers have estimated the number of dwarf stars in the entire Milky Way galaxy. What is the number?

a. 55 billion
b. 58 billion
c. 60 billion
d. 65 billion
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ANSWER: 58 billion

Leiden university astronomers have for the first time estimated there are 58 billion dwarf stars in the entire Milky Way galaxy. This results in a more comprehensive model for distribution of stars. Milky Way primarily comprises prominent, relatively flat disc with closely spaced bright stars, and a halo, a sphere of stars with a much lower density around it. Astronomers assume that the halo is the remnant of the first galaxies that fused together to form our Galaxy. About seven percent of the dwarf stars reside in this halo.

9)   Violent red flashes brighter than a thousand suns have been spotted emitting from a distant black hole by British astronomers. What is the name of the black hole?

a. V402 Cygni
b. V043 Cygni
c. V414 Cyngi
d. V404 Cygni
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ANSWER: V404 Cygni

The black hole, named V404 Cygni, is 7,800 light years away from Earth (or about 46 quadrillion miles). It is believed to be flashing after spitting out jets of matter which it could not swallow. This rare astronomical phenomenon has been spotted by University of Southampton researchers. Using the William Herschel Telescope in the mountains of the Canary Islands, the team took ultra high-speed images of the flashes in July 2015, poring over them before eventually publishing their research this month.

10)   British scientists have discovered that organs can change sizes at ________ rates, indicating they have a “mind of their own”

a. Different
b. Same
c. Steady
d. Slow
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ANSWER: Different

British scientists have discovered that organs may have 'minds of their own,' by growing at different rates as body sizes change. University of Sussex researchers revealed in a study published in Biology Letters that different animal organs, and even different parts of a single organ, can change sizes at different rates.

11)   Astronomers have discovered four new giant exoplanets, with masses from ___________ times that of Jupiter, orbiting stars much bigger than our Sun.

a. 2.4 -5.4
b. 2.4-5.5
c. 2.4-5.6
d. 2.4-5.7
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ANSWER: 2.4-5.5

The newly detected worlds are enormous and have very long orbital periods ranging from nearly two to slightly more than 4 Earth years. The researchers used the 1.5 m telescope at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory and the 2.2 m telescope at La Silla observatory in Chile, and the 3.9 m Anglo-Australian telescope in Australia. 4 giant stars were studied— HIP8541, HIP74890, HIP84056 and HIP95124 for having planetary companions.