Current Affairs Questions & Answers - Mar 20, 2016

1)   Government has exempted whom from 1 percent excise duty in the jewellery industry on March 20, 2016?

a. Artisans
b. Job Workers
c. Both a and b
d. Jewellery Retailers
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ANSWER: Both a and b

To prevent further agitation by jewellers against imposition of 1 percent excise duty, finance ministry has asked artisans and job workers to not pay this levy. Artisans and job workers not covered by this duty are not required to take registration, pay duty, file returns or maintain a book of accounts. For jewellery manufactured on job work, the liability is on the manufacturer and not the job worker, the government decided.

2)   When was earth hour 2016 observed?

a. 20th March
b. 19th March
c. 18th March
d. 17th March
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ANSWER: 19th March

Millions of people in a record 178 nations switched off lights at 8:30 pm last night to mark Earth Hour, the world’s biggest demo to eliminate climate change from escalating out of control. Close to 366 landmarks across the world from the Sydney Opera House to the Elizabeth Tower, Salisbury Cathedral and Empire State Building and the Buckingham Palace observed the earth hour. Event organiser WWF also celebrated the event by sharing 60 things to do in the dark such as watching stars.

3)   Researchers bar coding sharks and rays have found how many new species in Indian waters on March 19, 2016?

a. 12
b. 13
c. 14
d. 15
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DNA bar coding of chimeras, sharks, rays and skates was being conducted in Indian waters by leading research institutes such as Central Marine Fishers Research Institute, Kochi. The scientists were documenting identification of chondrichthyans which are the target of fisherman and are close to over exploitation. India has 46471 tonnes of chondrichthyan fishing and despite the rich history of elasmobranch fishery, few studies have been carried out. Researchers found as many as 13 new species of sharks and rays. Peninsular and Marine Fish Genetic Resources Centre and National Research Collections Australia, Hobart, Tasmania partnered the research project. At the point of analysis, 528 specimens of 111 of these species and 34 families collected from the Indian EEZ were var coded. 5 species of sharks and 2 manta ray species have been included in the appendix of Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora for monitoring its international trade.

4)   New ultra sensitive test designed to diagnose cancer and HIV has been developed  and involves identification of ____  for discovering biomarkers.

a. Flag
b. Atom
c. Molecule
d. None of the above
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This test has been designed to detect deadly diseases including HIV and cancer, and it may prove 10,000 times more efficient than current diagnostic tools, according to Stanford scientists. The disease whether it is a cancer or virus like HIV begins growing in the body, so human beings respond by producing antibodies. Identifying the related biomarkers is a key to correctly diagnosing the disease. This involves designing a molecule which the biomarker is adorned with an identifying flag and through specialised chemical reactions called immunoassay, researchers can find the flag and the biomarker associated with it, providing proxy measure of the disease. The new technique developed by Professor C. Bertozzi of Stanford University replaces standard flag with short strand of DNA which can be treated out of sample using DNA isolation technologies far more sensitive than those possible for traditional antibody detection.

5)   What is Sikyong in the context of Tibet?

a. Prime Minister
b. President
c. Vice President
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Prime Minister

Tibetan exiles across the globe voted to elect nominees for post of Sikyong or prime minister and the members of the parliament in exile. Men and women sought to elect one of 2 prime ministerial contenders namely incumbent Lobsang Sangay and Penpa Tsering, the Tibetan parliament speaker. The Dalai Lama did not vote. In India, voting took place in Dehradun Delhi, Darjeeling and Bylakuppe. Voters will also elect 45 members of the parliament in exile and results will be declared on April 27.

6)   State Fisheries Department has set up an aqua park for the first time in India. Where is it located?

a. Banks of Pookode Lake
b. Wayanad district
c. Both of the above
d. Neither of the above
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ANSWER: Both of the above

State Fisheries department has set up the aqua park which will be a breeding centre for numerous kinds of fish such as Channa marulius (locally called Vatha varal), Channa micropealtis (Cherumeen), Eteroplus suratansis (Karimeen), Lactus calcariser (Kalanchi), Tor kudree (Decan Mahseer), Heteropneustes fossilis (Kari) and Clarius dismerri (Kadu or Mushi), according to authorities quoted in media reports. Park will be set up to promote conservation of sfish diversity and it has 10 units of floating cages set up for INR 30 lakh.

7)   Who has been appointed as the MD of Pfizer?

a. S. Sridhar
b. M. Sridhar
c. K. Sridhar
d. L Sridharan
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ANSWER: S. Sridhar

Pharma giant Pfizer has on 18th March 2016 appointed S. Sridhar as the Managing Director for a period of 5 years. His appointment will be subject to the approval of company shareholders at the AGM. S.Sridhar,a CA has been serving as CFO of the company for 7 years and was executive director in May 2013.

8)   RBI has prevented banks for submitting data for NEFT transactions by walk in customers without an account with them. What does NEFT stand for?

a. National Electrical Fund Transfer
b. National Electronic Fund Technology
c. None of the above
d. National Electronic Fund Transfer
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ANSWER: National Electronic Fund Transfer

Reserve Bank of India is discontinuing a two year provision where banks have to submit data in association with NEFT transactions by customers who have walked in and do not have an account with them. Bank should continue to maintain relevant records, however adding the necessary details when required.

9)   Which Indian sportsperson has qualified for the Rio Olympics 2016 in the field of wrestling?

a. Yogeshwar Dutt
b. Uday Chand
c. Jatindra Charan Ghono
d. Sushil Kumar
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ANSWER: Yogeshwar Dutt

Indian wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt has qualified for the 2016 Rio Olympics in the 65 kg in freestyle category. In the final of the Asian Qualifying tournament, he defeated Ju Song Kim and then Xuan Dinh Nguyen of Vietnam. In the final against Chinese’s Lee, he beat his opponent 7-0. Dutt was born in 1982 and hails from Haryana.

10)   Huawei has appointed which famous footballer as its global ambassador?

a. Ronaldo
b. Ronaldinho
c. Wayne Rooney
d. Lionel Messi
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ANSWER: Lionel Messi

FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi has been named the global ambassador showcasing the brand’s alignment with people and demonstrating shared value of connecting greatness. Sports is a wonderful way to enrich lives and Huawei has been associated with numerous sports like cricket. It is the third largest player in the smartphone market.
The Indian government has amended its Drugs and Cosmetic Rules (DCR), 1945, and done away with the repeat tests on animals for drugs which have already been approved by the other countries.

11)   Minister of State for AYUSH inaugurated which fair at ACDRI, PCMC at Pune’s Chinchwad area on 19th March 2016?

a. National Arogya Fair
b. National Arogya Festival
c. National AYUSH fair
d. National AYUSH festival
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: National Arogya Fair

The fair was inaugurated at the auth cluster development and research organisation ACRDI at Pune. The Arogya fair had been organised by AYUSH in collaboration with Maharashtra state government and ITPO. The fair will continue till 22nd March.

The Minister of State for AYUSH (Independent Charge) and Health & Family Welfare Shri Shripad Yesso Naik today inaugurated the National Arogya Fair at Auto Cluster Development & Research Institute (ACDRI), PCMC, Chinchwad,Pune. The Fair has been organised by AYUSH Ministry in collaboration with the State Government of Maharashtra and Indian Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO). The fair will continue till 22nd March, 2016. Arogya fair seeks to create awareness about AYUSH for treatment of disorders and diseases.

12)   Where was the Krishi Unnati Mela held?

a. New Delhi
b. Ludhiana
c. Chennai
d. Mumbai
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ANSWER: New Delhi

This Krishi Unnati Mela was held in New Delhi and PM Shri Narendra Modi called upon stakeholders to resolve issues and double farmers income by 2022. India’s Prime Minister gave away the Krishi Karman Awards for 2014-15 to States and farmers. He also launched a mobile application for farmers Kisan Suvidha for information to farmers on subjects such as weather, market prices, seeds, fertilisers, pesticides and agriculture machinery.