Current Affairs Questions & Answers - Mar 23, 2016

1)   National Day of Pakistan was observed on which day?

a. 22nd March
b. 23rd March
c. 24th March
d. 25th March
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ANSWER: 23rd March

On the eve of their national day, India’s President Shri Pranab Mukherjee wished the people of Pakistan as well as its government. This day was celebrated on 23rd March 2016. India’s relations with Pakistan have been troubled though cordial over the J&K issue.

2)   For the first time, Centre has notified stringent environmental standards for _____________ running on LPG/NG/Diesel/Petrol.

a. Gensets
b. Cars
c. Buses
d. Trucks
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ANSWER: Gensets

GoI has notified new stringent environmental norms for electricity generators running on Liquified Petroleum Gas/Natural Gas. Diesel with LPG/NG and Petrol with LPG/NG. The aim is to reduce pollution and noise caused by these generators in cities and towns across the nation.

3)   Property consultant JLL India has announced its foray into e-commerce with a tie up with which company?

a. Snapdeal
b. Baidu
c. Amazon
d. Jabong
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ANSWER: Snapdeal

Property consultant JLL India announced a tie up with online marketplace Snapdeal to sell homes to tap the growing e-commerce business of the country. Partnership will be on for the next two years providing end to end service to the customers spanning the complete home search and purchase process.

4)   Where have terror strikes taken place on 22nd March 2016?

a. Brussels
b. London
c. New York
d. Mumbai
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ANSWER: Brussels

Number of people killed in terror strikes at the departure lounge of an airport and the metro subway of the Belgian capital is 30. Around 200 people have been wounded. Belgian news agency Belga indicated shots were fired before explosions and words in Arabic were heard. IS has claimed responsibility for the attack which was condemned by world leaders.

5)   World Water Day was observed on 22nd March 2016 with which theme:

a. Water and Work
b. Water and Employment
c. Water and Jobs
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Water and Jobs

The theme for this day was Water and Jobs. It talked about how water links to jobs. 3 of 4 jobs in the world are water dependent. The report entitled United Nations World Water Development Report, Water and Jobs, was launched in Geneva. UNGA celebrated March 22nd as World water day for the first time in 1993.

6)   Scientists have created a detailed map of which planet’s gravity?

a. Saturn
b. Pluto
c. Jupiter
d. Mars
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Scientists have come up with the most detailed map of Mars gravity to date using data from three NASA spacecraft. This provides a view of the hidden interior of the red planet. New gravity map will aid in future Mars exploration as better knowledge of the gravity anomalies could help mission controllers to be more precise about orbiting into Mars.