Current Affairs Questions & Answers - May 21, 2016

1)   Government has capped royalty fee on new GM cotton traits at what percent?

a. 10 percent
b. 11 percent
c. 12 percent
d. 13 percent
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ANSWER: 10 percent

Further regulating the cotton seed market, government caps royalty fee on new GM cotton traits at 10 percent. This will hurt biotech majors. After a period of five years, royalty would reduce 10 percent of initial value every year. If the GM technology loses its efficacy, technology provider would not be eligible for any royalty. Issuing a notification on licensing guidelines for GM cotton seeds , the agriculture minister has also capped upfront fee for the new GM trait at INR 25 lakh to be paid in two equal instalments. A new format for bilateral agreements has been prescribed.

2)   Which companies have dropped plans to step up a payments bank in the country?

a. Telenor
c. Both of the above
d. Neither of the above
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ANSWER: Both of the above

Founder Dilip Shanghvi, IDFC Bank and Telenor have made plans to pull out of the payments banks race after getting permission from RBI for the same. Shanghai along with Telenor Financial Services and IDFC Bank were granted in-principle approval to form a payments bank, by the RBI

  • A payments bank is a differentiated bank that confines activities to acceptance of demand deposits, remittance services and other specified services.

3)   TATA Power has acquired a 30MW wind farm in which state on May 20th?

a. West Bengal
b. Kerala
c. Karnataka
d. Maharashtra
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ANSWER: Maharashtra

TATA Power has acquired a 30 MW wind farm in Maharashtra. A subsidiary of TATA Power namely TATA Power Renewable Energy Ltd, a 100 percent subsidiary of TATA Power has completed shareholding in Info Rama Renewables Jath Limited, a 100 percent subsidiary of Indo Rama Renewable Limited

  • IRRJL has a 30 MW operating wind farm in Sangli, Maharashtra and the wind farm completely operational since July 2013 has a long term power purchase agreement with Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Ltd.
  • TATA Power’s total generation capacity now becomes 9,213 MW and current operating non-fossil based capacity at 1,704 MW.

4)   UN Environment report has indicated how many Indians will be at risk from rising sea levels by 2050?

a. 40 million
b. 50 million
c. 60 million
d. 70 million
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ANSWER: 40 million

Close to 40 million Indians will be at risk from rising sea levels by 2050 with people in Mumbai and Kolkata having maximal exposure to coastal flooding on account of rapid urbanisation and economic growth, according to a UN report

  • The UN report entitled Global Environmental Outlook GEO-6 indicates worst impacts of climate change are projected to occur in the Pacific and South and SE Asia
  • Focusing on the population at risk from sea level rise by 2050, seven of the 10 most vulnerable countries worldwide are in the Asia Pacific region.
  • India tops the chart with nearly 40 million people in the country projected to be at risk from rising sea levels followed by 25 million in Bangladesh, 20 million in China and 15 million in Philippines.
  • Changes in settlement patterns, urbanisation and SES in Asia have influenced observed trends in vulnerability and exposure to climate extremes
  • The UN report has listed Mumbai and Kolkata in India, Guangzhou and Shanghai in China, Yangon in Myanmar, Dhaka in Bangladesh and Ho Chi Minh City and Hai Phong in Vietnam to have the largest population exposure to coastal flooding in 2070

5)   Scientists have identified a gene to help protect against melanoma- what is it called?

a. Sunscreen gene
b. Sun gene
c. UV Radiation Resistance Associated Gene
d. Both a and c
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ANSWER: Both a and c

Scientists have located a sunscreen gene which may help to protect against melanoma, one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer.

  • Researchers have found that melanoma patients with mutant or deficient copies of UV radiation resistance associated gene are less protected from harmful UV rays
  • If there is an understanding of how UV resistant gene functions and processes by which cells repair themselves after ultraviolet damage, the targets could be found for drugs to revert a misguided mechanism back to normal conditions, according to Chengyu Liang from the University of South California in the US
  • Close to 90 percent of melanoma skin cancers develop on account of cell damage from exposure to UV radiation, according to researchers.
  • Those with mutated UV resistant gene or low levels of the UV resistant gene may be at higher risk of melanoma or other skin cancers, especially if they go sunbathing or tanning.
  • UV resistant gene may serve as a biomarker for skin cancer prevention

6)   India has rejected which condition for membership into the NSG, by China?

a. Sign the NPT
b. Respect safeguards
c. Export controls
d. All of the above
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ANSWER: Sign the NPT

India on 20th May rejected the Chinese contention that it must sign the NPT to get membership of the Nuclear Supplier’s group. India also said that France was included in the elite group without signing the Non-Proliferation treaty.

  • Even NPT allows civil nuclear cooperation with non NPT countries
  • The only connection between NSG and IAEA safeguards is with respect to export controls
  • China has opposed Indian bid to get NSG membership on the ground that it was yet to sign the NPT- Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang has said multilateral non proliferation export control regime including the NSG have regarded NPT as an important standard for expansion of NSG

7)   US President Barack Obama has awarded top honours to an Indian American scientist and a Pakistani American doctor with the National Medals. Who are they?

a. Rakesh K. Jain
b. Humayun
c. Rakesh Kumar
d. Only a and b
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ANSWER: Only a and b

US President Barack Obama has felicitated a top indian American scientist and Pakistani American doctor with top national medals.

  • 65 year old Rakesh K Jain of Harvard Medical school and Massachusetts General Hospital was presented with the National Medal of Science for the role in developing new strategies for manipulating tumours and translating strategies into improved detection, prevention and treatment of cancer in humans
  • 53 year old Humayun, grandson of personal physician of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, received the National Medal of Technology and Innovation for inventing, developing and applying bioelectronics in medicine.
  • Co-inventor of Argus Series retina implants that are intended to restore sight to the blind, Mr. Humayun is the only ophthalmologist ever to be elected a member of both US National Academies of Medicine and Engineering.

8)   Who has been elected as the new President of Taiwan, becoming its first female leader to do so?

a. Tsai Ing-wen
b. Tsai Ing-ten
c. Tsai Ting-jen
d. Tsai Ting-wen
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ANSWER: Tsai Ing-wen

Tsai Ing wen has been sworn in as the new president of Taiwan, becoming its first female leader and calling for positive dialogue with Beijing. Tsai is an unassuming and determined leader leading the DPP to a landslide win in January elections.

  • DPP has leaned towards independence from China which sees Taiwan as a breakaway province.
  • Tsai was sworn in before being presented with a official seal
  • Beijing is keen to be an ally with Taiwan currently
  • Tsai’s election win for the second ever for the DPP- Kuomintang which has been in power for 70 years

9)   Ratan P Watal has been appointed to which post for the social sector in Niti Aayog?

a. Principle Adviser
b. Principle Director
c. Executive Director
d. Managing Director
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ANSWER: Principle Adviser

Ratan P.Watal , former finance secretary has been appointed as the Principle adviser for social sector in Niti Aayog. He has been appointed to the post for three years. Fresh appointment was following Watal’s retirement in February. He is a retired IAS officer of AP cadre.

  • The National Institute for Transforming India AAYog or NITI Aayog is a GOI policy think tank to replace the Planning Commission
  • Stated aim for NITI Aayog’s creation fosters involvement and participation in economic policy making process by the State Governments of India.

10)   Which famous figure was recently a subject of an exhibition inaugurated by Ministry of State for Culture and Tourism?

a. Frontier Gandhi
b. Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
c. Both are the same
d. Neither of the above
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ANSWER: Both are the same

Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Minister of state for Culture and Tourism inaugurated an exhibition “ Frontier Gandhi and the Indian Freedom Movement” on the commemoration of the 125th birth anniversary of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan. The descendants of Khan were presented shawls on the occasion. Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan was a freedom fighter.

11)   The Swachch Bharat Abhiyan has been launching an initiative to set protocols for hygiene and sanitation at government health facilities. What is it called?

a. Sankalp
b. Kayakalp
c. Anukalp
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Kayakalp

For implementing the vision and philosophy behind Swachch Bharat Abhigyan launched the Kayakalp initiative to set protocols for hygiene and sanitation at government health facilities.

  • Initiative towards total Swachchta in public health facilities is aimed towards providing quality service and encouraging teamwork.
  • Kayakalp fortnight has been launched from 20th May 2016 to June 3rd, 2016.

12)   WCD Ministry and which foundation has signed an MoC?

a. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
b. Amnesty International
c. Ashoka Knowledge Foundation
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

MoC has been signed to provide technical support at National and State level for strengthening the delivery of nutrition goals during preconception, pregnancy and beginning two years of life. The Gates Foundation will also provide enhanced framework of collaboration in ICT-RTM or Information and Communication Technology enabled Real Time Monitoring of Integrated Child Development Services and technical support on nutrition.

13)   Minister of Railways has inaugurated a high speed Wi-Fi service at which railway stations:

a. Patna (Bihar)
b. Ranchi (Jharkhand)
c. Vishakhpatnam (AP)
d. All of the above
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ANSWER: All of the above

Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu inaugurated the high speed Wi-Fi services at Patna, Ranchi and Vizag through video conferencing from Rail Bhawan, New Delhi.
The Wi-Fi facility for the visitors & rail users at these stations has been commissioned by RailTel in association with Google for providing high speed state of the art world class internet experience to the commuters.

  • India is heading towards digitalization, Internet has become the basic need of every individual for which they are entitled to.
  • To bring the railway stations to world standard and to keep pace with the latest technology, provision of high speed WiFi is the first step in this direction.