Current Affairs Questions & Answers - Sep 04, 2017

1)   Which initiative was launched to promote tribal products and empower India’s tribal artisans on 2nd Sept 2017?

a. Festival Offers
b. TRIFED Offers
c. Tribal Offers
d. Handicrafts Offers
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ANSWER: Festival Offers

Minister of Tribal Affairs Shri Jual Oram inaugurated the ‘Festival Offers’ to promote Tribal Products and empower Tribal Artisans of the Country.

The Tribes India showroom is not only for Exhibiting Tribal Arts and Handicrafts but also for Tribal Empowerment.

Ministry has planned for opening Exhibition cum Sale Outlets for Tribal Products and inviting artisans for demo all throughout the country

TRIFED: Know More

  • Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development of India Ltd., (TRIFED) is an organization under the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India.
  • It is engaged in marketing development of tribal products including tribal art & craft under the brand name “TRIBES INDIA”.
  • The main mandate of TRIFED is capability enhancement of the tribals, promotion of tribal products and creation of marketing opportunities for the tribals with a view to ensuring them fair prices for their products and augmenting their income on sustainable basis.
  • Towards the attainment of this mandate, TRIFED is engaged in the retail operations for marketing of unique and ethnic tribal handicrafts and natural products in high end markets through a chain of retail outlets under the brand name “TRIBES INDIA” across the country.
  • It also focuses on trainings for skill up-gradation and capacity building of tribal artisans and gatherers of Minor Forest Produce.
  • TRIFED, with its Head Office at New Delhi, has a network of 14 Regional Offices and a chain of retail outlets (expanding every year) across the country.

2)   According to the Quarterly Public Debt Management Report Apr-June 2017, the weighted average yield maturity was _______.

a. 14.72 years
b. 14.82 years
c. 14.92 years
d. 14.52 years
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ANSWER: 14.92 years

Since April-June (Q1) 2010-11, Public Debt Management Office (PDMC) (earlier Middle Office), Budget Division, Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, is bringing-out a Quarterly Report on Public Debt Management on regular basis.

The Current Quarterly Report pertains to the quarter April-June 2017 (Q 1 FY 18).

The liquidity in the economy remained in surplus, after the demonetization, during the quarter, which kept the yield environment low.

However, the cash position of the Government of India (GoI) was somewhat stressed during the quarter, due to mismatch in receipt and payment which is generally seen during the first half of the financial year.

The weighted average maturity (WAM) and weighted average yield (WAY) of the G-Sec issuance made during Q1 FY18 was 14.92 years and 7.01 per cent respectively.

During Q1 FY18, Government issued dated securities worth Rs.1,68,000 crore (29.0 per cent of BE), higher than Rs. 1,65,000 crore (28.4 per cent of BE) in Q1 of FY 17.

Auctions of both, Government dated securities and Treasury Bills during Q1 of FY18 were held smoothly.

The Public Debt (excluding liabilities under the ‘Public Account’) of the Central Government provisionally increased by 3.6 per cent (provisional) in Q1 of FY 18 on Q-o-Q basis.

Internal debt constituted 93.0 per cent of Public Debt as at end-June 2017 while marketable securities accounted for 83.2 per cent of Public Debt.

About 26.6 per cent of outstanding stock has a residual maturity of up to 5 years at end - June 2017 or 5.3 per cent of outstanding stock will mature every year over the next five years, which implies that rollover risk in the debt portfolio continues to be low.

3)   Which snakes are covered under the nationwide “Living With Pythons” initiative?

a. Rock Python
b. Burmese Python
c. Reticulated Python
d. All of the above
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: All of the above

Under an innovative initiative ‘Living with Pythons’, herpetologist and researcher Nirmal U. Kulkarni and his team are trying to address the need for a common protocol for python rescue and release.

The initiative will help address the issues relating to reptile-human conflict across the country during such rescue and release efforts.

As a first step to address this challenge, Mr. Kulkarni’s team has distributed 100 specially designed large python rescue snake bags to rescuers, forest department field staff and field researchers, across the country.

“Living with Pythons” is a nationwide initiative started to create awareness and instil appreciation about India’s three Python species.

These include the Indian Rock Python (Python molurus), Burmese Python (Python bivittatus) and Reticulated Python (Malayopython Reticulatus).

This is the first of its kind of initiative for important large snakes like the python and is the first of many initiatives that will follow as part of this project.

These bags are made of breathable cotton material and are designed for safe handling, rescue and release of large bodied snakes like pythons.

Easy to carry and wash, these bags play a major role in safety of both the snake handler as well as the snake in times of rescue as well as release of the snake.

4)   North Korea conducted its ________ nuclear test in Sept 2017.

a. Fifth
b. Fourth
c. Third
d. None of the above
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: None of the above

South Korea’s military on Sept 3rd, 2017 said that North Korea is believed to have conducted its sixth nuclear test after it detected a strong earthquake.

South Korea’s weather agency and the Joint Chief of Staff said an artificial 5.6 magnitude quake occurred at 12:29 p.m. local time, in Kilju, northern Hamgyong Province.

The US Geological Survey called the first quake an explosion with a magnitude 6.3.

North Korea conducted its fifth test last year in September.
If confirmed, the latest test would mark yet another big step forward in North Korean attempts to obtain a nuclear-armed missile capable of reaching deep into the US mainland.

North Korea conducted two nuclear tests last year and has since maintained a torrid pace in weapons tests, including flight-testing developmental intercontinental ballistic missiles and flying a powerful midrange missile over Japan.

North Korea in July conducted its first ever ICBM tests, part of a stunning jump in progress for the country’s nuclear and missile program since Kim rose to power following his father’s death in late 2011.

The country followed its two tests of Hwasong-14 ICBMs, which, when perfected, could target large parts of the United States, by threatening to launch a salvo of its Hwasong-12 intermediate range missiles toward the US Pacific island territory of Guam in August.

5)   Who took over as the new Vice Chairman of NITI Aayog in Sept 2017?

a. Arvind Panagriya
b. Raghuram Rajan
c. Rajiv Kumar
d. Rajiv Singh
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ANSWER: Rajiv Kumar

Dr. Rajiv Kumar has taken charge as the new Vice Chairman of NITI Aayog today.

A renowned economist, he replaces Shri Arvind Panagariya as the head of the premier think tank of the country.

The new Vice Chairman said there would be more emphasis on improving Government capacity at the state level to ensure the values of co-operative and competitive federalism.

NITI Aayog is well placed to play the role of a platform that cuts across these issues. The thematic focus will be on generating employment, enhancing investment, improving ease of doing business, transforming agriculture, and reforming education and health.

Members of NITI Aayog: Shri Ramesh Chand, Shri VK Saraswat, Dr.VKPaul and CEO NITI Aayog, Shri Amitabh Kant.

6)   ESC committee is set to train the sports people for which games?

a. Commonwealth Games
b. Asian Games
c. Olympics
d. All of the above
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: All of the above

Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has approved to constitute an Empowered Steering Committee (ESC) on the basis of the recommendations of the interim report of the Task Force.

Task Force was constituted in January 2017 for preparation of a comprehensive action plan, including short-term and medium to long-term measures for effective participation of Indian sportspersons in the next three Olympic Games to be held in 2020 (Tokyo), 2024 (Paris) and 2028 (Los Angeles).

The 8-member Task Force submitted its interim report on 22.05.2017 with focus on preparations in the short-term for 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Functions of ESC: Know More

  • Review the core probable list of each High Priority and Priority disciplines for Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and Olympic Games
  • Review the Annual Calendar for Training and Competitions (ACTCs) approved by the Government in consultation with the National Sports Federation (NSF) concerned and make specific recommendations with respect to any additional or supplementary requirements.
  • Recommend specific plans / packages for TOPS (Target Olympic Podium Scheme) beneficiaries selected by the TOPS committee;
  • Recommend names of national and international training institutions for their empanelment for providing training, coaching and other support to TOPS athletes, including negotiated packages;
  • Make specific recommendations for strengthening sport sciences within SAI as well as outsourcing sports science support in the short to medium term for providing sports science support to national campers;
  • Recommend a panel of names of companies for carrying out athlete monitoring and data analytics work;
  • Prepare quality specifications for national camps for different sports disciplines; and monitor the camps;

7)   President of India has appointed whom as India’s first full time woman defence minister?

a. Nirmala Sitharaman
b. Najma Heptullah
c. Smriti Irani
d. Sushma Swaraj
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Nirmala Sitharaman

The President of India, as advised by the Prime Minister, has directed the allocation of portfolios among the following members of the Union Council of Ministers:-

Shri Narendra ModiPrime Minister and also in-charge of: Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions; Department of Atomic Energy; Department of Space; and All important policy issues; and All other portfolios not allocated to any Minister.

1. Shri Raj Nath SinghMinister of Home Affairs.
2. Smt. Sushma SwarajMinister of External Affairs.
3.Shri Arun JaitleyMinister of Finance; and Minister of Corporate Affairs.
4.Shri Nitin Jairam GadkariMinister of Road Transport and Highways; Minister of Shipping; and Minister of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation.
5. Shri Suresh PrabhuMinister of Commerce and Industry.
6. Shri D.V. Sadananda GowdaMinister of Statistics and Programme Implementation.
7. Sushri Uma BharatiMinister of Drinking Water and Sanitation.
8.Shri Ramvilas PaswanMinister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution.
9. Smt. Maneka Sanjay GandhiMinister of Women and Child Development.
10.Shri AnanthkumarMinister of Chemicals and Fertilizers; and Minister of Parliamentary Affairs.
11.Shri Ravi Shankar PrasadMinister of Law and Justice; and Minister of Electronics and Information Technology.
12.Shri Jagat Prakash NaddaMinister of Health and Family Welfare.
13.Shri Ashok Gajapathi Raju PusapatiMinister of Civil Aviation.
14.Shri Anant GeeteMinister of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises.
15.Smt. Harsimrat Kaur BadalMinister of Food Processing Industries.
16.Shri Narendra Singh TomarMinister of Rural Development; Minister of Panchayati Raj; and Minister of Mines.
17.Shri Chaudhary Birender SinghMinister of Steel.
18.Shri Jual OramMinister of Tribal Affairs.
19.Shri Radha Mohan SinghMinister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare.
20.Shri Thaawar Chand GehlotMinister of Social Justice and Empowerment.
21.Smt. Smriti Zubin IraniMinister of Textiles; and Minister of Information and Broadcasting.
22.Dr. Harsh VardhanMinister of Science and Technology; Minister of Earth Sciences; and
Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.
23.Shri Prakash JavadekarMinister of Human Resource Development.
24.Shri Dharmendra PradhanMinister of Petroleum and Natural Gas; and Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.
25.Shri Piyush GoyalMinister of Railways; and Minister of Coal.
26.Smt. Nirmala SitharamanMinister of Defence.
27.Shri Mukhtar Abbas NaqviMinister of Minority Affairs.

8)   Who has been appointed Secretary, Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance?

a. Rajiv Kumar
b. Rajiv Kushwaha
c. Rajiv Kapoor
d. None of the above
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Rajiv Kumar

Shri Rajiv Kumar, IAS(JH:84) today assumed office as the new Secretary, Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance.

He was Special Secretary and Establishment Officer, Ministry of Personnel Public Grievances & Pension, D/o Personnel & Training in his immediate preceding posting.

He has widespread administrative experience in more than 30 years of service during which he held various important assignments including the Administrative postings in his home State of Jharkhand.

Shri Kumar has also worked in the Central Government in various capacities. He was posted as Joint Secretary and then Additional Secretary, Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance from 19.03.2012 to 12.03.2015.

Later he took over as Establishment Officer & Additional/Special Secretary, Ministry of Personnel Public Grievances & Pension, D/o Personnel & Training from 12.03.2015 till 30.08.2017.

9)   Which environment quiz will be launched at national level on Teacher’s Day by MoEF?

a. Prakriti Shiskha
b. Prakriti Sankalp
c. Prakriti Sandarbh
d. Prakriti Khoj
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Prakriti Khoj

The Environment Ministry will launch an environment awareness initiative, under which an online environmental quiz competition named “Prakriti Khoj”.

It will be an ideal medium to reach out to young minds through a fun-filled interactive learning mode to trigger their sensitivity towards environment protection and conservation.

Prakriti Khoj: Know More

  • The objective of the quiz is to generate interest among school children about the science related to environment, interactions within it and the problems therein.
  • The quiz is planned in two phases. For the first phase, it is envisaged that maximum number of children of schools under the National Green Corps (NGC) programme of the Ministry should get an opportunity to participate in this environmental quiz.
  • Three age groups is planned to be covered in Phase-I which will be open only to Eco-clubs i.e. in the age-groups 8-12 years, 13-15 years and 16-18 years.
  • A separate web portal - containing information on the quiz has been developed by Ministry. Dates of the quiz will be updated on the Prakriti Khoj portal, as well as the Ministry’s website.

  • NGC

  • NGC was initiated by Ministry in 2001-02 for creating environmental awareness among children by formulating “Eco-clubs” in schools across the country.
  • There are around 1,00,000 Eco-clubs across the country, making it one of the largest conservation networks, wherein students are involved in various kind of activities such as cleanliness drives, carrying out waste segregation, composting using bio-degradable wastes, subsisting the concept of three R’s, viz., Reduce, Reuse and Recycle; Nukkad Nataks etc.

10)   What is Hortinet?

a. Integrated traceability system designed by APEDA
b. Internet based serves provider to stakeholders for farm registration
c. Portal for horticultural crops
d. Both a and b
e. None of the above
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ANSWER: Both a and b

Hortinet is an integrated traceability system developed by APEDA.

To harness the potential of mobile technology, APEDA has developed a mobile app to allow farmers to apply on-line to facilitate their farm registration, tracking the status of application & approvals by State Government and Lab sampling by authorized Laboratories.

This mobile app initiative is expected to increase the accessibility and reach of the Traceability software system among the farmers and other stakeholders.

This new Mobile app will also assist State Horticulture/ Agriculture Department to capture real time details of farmers, farm location, products and details of inspections like date of inspection, name of inspecting directly from field. After registration and approval of farm, farmer gets approval information.

Commerce Secretary, Government of India, Smt Rita Teaotia launched the app. The occasion was followed by display of a film depicting all the facets of the utility of the new app.