Current Affairs Questions & Answers - Sept 06 & 07, 2015

1)   With effect from which day benefit of the One Rank One Pension scheme (OROP) will be given to ex-serviceman?

a. 6th Sep 2015
b. 1st Apr 2015
c. 1st July 2014
d. 1st Aug 2000
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ANSWER: 1st July 2014

Under this scheme ex servicemen of same rank and same length of service will get uniform pension regardless of date of retirement. Pension will be re-fixed every five years and personnel who retire voluntarily will not be covered under OROP scheme. The estimated cost to implement OROP will be 8000 crore rupees to 10,000 crore rupees at present and it will increase further in future. All arrears to be paid in four half-yearly installments & all widows to be paid arrears in one installment.

2)   Which of the following Indian Naval Ships, part of the Indian Navy’s Western Fleet based at Mumbai, entered Dubai on 5th Sep’15?

a. INS Deepak
b. INS Delhi
c. INS Tabar & INS Trishul
d. All of the above
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ANSWER: All of the above

Indian Naval Ships Deepak, Delhi, Tabar and Trishul entered Dubai and shall remain there till 08 Sep 15. The ships are part of the Indian Navy’s Western Fleet based at Mumbai and are on a long-range deployment to the Persian Gulf to enhance bilateral ties with friendly regional navies. The involvement of Indian Naval ships in combating piracy off the coast of Somalia since October 2008 has further strengthened bilateral ties and interaction with navies in the region.

3)   Which state govt. did the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST) urge to upgrade 'Ashram Schools' as models in each block?

a. Uttar Pradesh Govt.
b. Puducherry Govt.
c. Telangana Govt.
d. Odisha Govt.
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ANSWER: Odisha Govt.

NCST Chairman Rameshwar Oran urged the state government to emphasise on quality education and proper health care in residential tribal schools.

4)   Name the author who has decided to return Sahitya Akademi award as a mark of protest against the death of Kannada scholar and researcher Prof M M Kalburgi by unidentified assailants?

a. Uday Prakash
b. Kedarnath Singh
c. Mamta Kalia
d. None of these
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ANSWER: Uday Prakash

Former Vice-Chancellor of Hampi University, M M Kalburgi, who won the Sahitya Akademi award for his collection of research articles in 2006, was attacked at his residence by unidentified assailants in Karnataka on August 30. Uday Prakash was awarded the Sahitya Akademi award in 2010 for the stories collection 'Mohan Das'. Kalburgi had won the central and state Sahitya Akademi awards.

5)   Which of the following states has won the Skoch Order-of Merit national award for implementing six e-Governance and IT initiatives in the state?

a. Punjab
b. Kerala
c. Karnataka
d. Haryana
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ANSWER: Haryana

This award is given to top performing govt. organisations and private organisations working with the government.

6)   Name the Australian all-rounder player who announced his retirement from Test Cricket during Sep’15?

a. Michael Clarke
b. Michael Hussey
c. Shane Watson
d. David Miller
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ANSWER: Shane Watson

No explanation is available for this question!

7)   In which country International Film Festival for persons with disabilities will be organized in Dec’15?

a. India
b. Sri Lanka
c. France
d. Switzerland
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The festival will be dedicated ot promoting awareness about and appreciation of the lives, stories and artistic expressions of differently-abled people.

8)   Name the Tamil Nadu prodigy who is a holder of five world records, including the highest IQ and IELTS?

a. Sneha Kakkar
b. K Vilasini
c. Deepti Kandhi
d. S Preethy
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ANSWER: K Vilasini

She is 15 year old and pursuing her first year B.Tech degree in Comp. Science.

9)   Which of the two countries opened their borders to thousands of exhausted refugees on 5th Sep’15?

a. Hungary & Switzerland
b. Austria & Germany
c. Germany & Hungary
d. Switzerland & Austria
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ANSWER: Austria & Germany

On 5th Sep’15 both Germany and Austria threw open their borders to thousands of refugees as after days of confrontation and chaos. Highest number of migrants is from war-ravaged Syria followed by Eritrea and Afghanistan.