Current Affairs Questions & Answers - Sept 09, 2015

1)   Two Mughal monuments have recently been the focus of an intensive conservation programme by Intach and Department of Archeology, Delhi. They are:

a. Aga Khan Palace and Jama Masjid
b. Lal Kila and Balban’s Tomb
c. Purana Kila and Taj Mahal
d. Baradari and Imam Bara
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ANSWER: Baradari and Imam Bara

The Tughlaq era Baradari and Lodhi era Imam Bara have recently been restored through a conservation efforts of the Department of Archeology in Delhi as well as Intach. Project lasted 10 months and involved alterations of partition walls as well as temporary structures constructed inside the monuments.

2)   A recent court order has asked the authorities to explore the identity of Gumnami Baba who is thought to be Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, former INA leader during India’s freedom struggle.  Which commission concluded that Netaji did not perish in the Taihoku air crash?

a. Justice Nand Commission
b. Justice Shah Commission
c. Justice Mukherjee Commission
d. Justice Khera Commission
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ANSWER: Justice Mukherjee Commission

The Justice Mukherjee Commission concluded that Netaji did not perish in the Taihoku air crash and an Allahabad HC ordered that the findings were in consonance with evidence. The Mukherjee Commission concluded that ashes preserved at Renkoji in Tokyo were of Japanese national I. Okura alone. A 7 year enquiry after August 18, 1945 found that Netaji did not perish in the place crash.

3)   Name the new director for NCERT.

a. Anil Shukla
b. Pravin Sinclair
c. Hrushikesh Senapathy
d. Nalini Sen
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ANSWER: Hrushikesh Senapathy

Following Pravin Sinclair’s ouster, the name of H. Senapathy was preferred on account of his wide experience. Am alumnus of BJB college and Ravenshaw College, he did a doctorate from Deiv Ahilya University in MP and has also worked as a UNESCO fellow. Search committee comprised BHU VC G C Tripathi, I K Bhat, director of NIT, Jaipur, Shyama Chona, former principal of DPS, RK Puram and M K Sridhar, professor of Canara Bank School of Management Studies and member of Karnataka Knowledge Commission.

4)   Government has exempted Bangladeshi and Pakistani nationals entering India before which date without proper documents:

a. May 31 2014
b. April 31 2014
c. December 31 2014
d. January 31 2015
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ANSWER: December 31 2014

GoI has decided to exempt Pakistani and Bangladeshi nations of minority communities who have entered into the country without proper or with expired documents on or before December 31, 2014. Decision was notified in the official gazette and taken under Passport (Entry into India) Act, 1920 and Foreigners Act, 1946. The decision was made on humanitarian grounds. Several steps for issuance of long term visa for refugees has been initiated since Modi government came to power.

5)   A noted agriculture expert has joined NITI Aayog as its third member. He is:

a. Amartya Sen
b. Ramesh Chand
c. M. S. Swaminathan
d. Verghese Kurien
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ANSWER: Ramesh Chand

The Niti Aayog is headed by well known economist A. Panagariya and has two other members namely Bibek Debroy and V. K. Saraswat. While the former is an economist, the latter is former DRDO chief. Ramesh Chand, a noted agriculturalist has joined as a third member to revive the agriculture sector and boost its growth and progress as well as strategies for reforms and identifying successful experiments from which all states can learn.

6)   Recently, a super henge and massive Neolithic stone monument has been located around 3 kms from Stonehenge. In which area has this discovery been made?

a. Durrington Walls
b. Shropshire
c. Surrey
d. Sussex
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ANSWER: Durrington Walls

Durrington Walls is home to the Stonehenge and it is the venue of the discovery of large Neolithic stone monuments or superhenge which are 90 large standing stones that dwarf the Stonehenge. This structure is thought to have been created 4500 years ago. The stones some of which have been measuring 4.5 m in height, have been underground for centuries. The new stone monuments discovered include 17 priorly unknown ritual monuments. Non invasive X ray and remote sensing technologies have been used to explore this new discovery.

7)   AP State Enterprise Architecture/ APSEA has recently been renamed as:

a. e-Pragati
b. e-Jagrati
c. e-Roshni
d. e-Gyaan
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ANSWER: e-Pragati

APSEA has been renamed after Andhra Pradesh has topped the nation in the total number of online transactions. This state enterprise architecture aims to leverage progress in the use of e-governance tools. Online transactions have become a favourable way to eliminate black money in the system.

8)   Wipro has appointed a new infrastructure business head. He is:

a. Vidhu Chopra
b. Dave Chopra
c. Anand Chopra
d. Sahil Chopra
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ANSWER: Dave Chopra

India’s third biggest software exporter, Wipro has roped in Dave Chopra to head the global infrastructure business and he will join the company as VP, global infrastructure services. Infrastructure services business constitute close to USD 2 billion or around INR 13,200 crore of annual revenues to the IT major. Around USD 250 billion worth of deals are coming up for renewal, according to ISG, an outsourcing advisory

9)   The recent 2015 G-20 meet was held in which city?

a. Ankara, Turkey
b. London, UK
c. Washington, US
d. Adelaide, Australia
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ANSWER: Ankara, Turkey

The G-20 meet was held in Ankara, Turkey. G20 was formed since 1999 after a meeting following the Asian market meltdown among central bank governors and representatives of 20 strong economies in the world. G-20 comprises the nations such as UK and the US. Its current presidency(which rotates every year) is allocated to Turkey. At the latest G-20 meet, W20 was formed as an international grouping for promoting gender inclusive economic development.

10)   Exports of which number of agri-products were in the negative zone for July 2015?

a. 8
b. 9
c. 10
d. 11
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Exports of close to 10 agricultural products have seen negative growth in the month of July. This is because of the price contraction in the international commodity market. Items which recorded negative growth include cereals, oil meals, oil seeds, vegetables, marine products, fruits, dairy and poultry products.

11)   Organic cash crops are being cultivated through special programmes in which Indian state?

a. Kerala
b. Karnataka
c. Tamil Nadu
d. Punjab
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ANSWER: Kerala

Organic cash crops are being cultivated via special programmes in numerous parts of the spice bowl of India, Kerala. The state government is aiming on increasing organic production of pepper and coffee(Wayanad); cardamom, tea and cocoa(Idukki); and vegetables and other products (Kasargod).