Daily English Practice Test - Set 5

1)   Pick the word/phrase closest in meaning to the given word:


a. Scheme
b. Forecast
c. Prefare
d. None of the above
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Forecast

Prognosis means forecast or prediction.

For example: The prognosis for her liver disease was not positive according to doctors.

2)   The given sentence have been divided into parts out of which a part may contain grammatical error. Choose the part which has grammatical error or else choose ‘No error’ as your answer.

It is improbable (a)/ she would bee (b)/ taken away (c)/ against her will  (d).

a. a
b. b
c. c
d. d
e. No error
Answer  Explanation 


(b) for the presentation
Be is the correct preposition in this sentence. Bee means the insect. The correct sentence is therefore: It is improbable she would be taken away against her will.

3)   In the sentence given below a part is underlined and for that part options are given. Choose the most suitable option that can replace the underlined part.

They are waiting for her since the afternoon.

a. were waiting
b. wait
c. have been waiting
d. No improvement
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: have been waiting

In this sentence, the error is in the tense form. The correct choice is (c) as the sentence shows a continuous sense. The correct tense is therefore present perfect continuous (have been waiting)

4)   There are two sentences. Each sentence has a blank in it. Five options are given below the sentence pair. Choose the option that fits both the blanks.

1. There is no joy __ failure.
2. He is ___ his shop today.

a. Within
b. In
c. Inn
d. About
Answer  Explanation 


In is correct because though joy cannot be within or about failure and , he cannot be within a shop. Inn and about are both wrong usage in the two sentences. Therefore, (b) or in is the correct choice.

5)   Complete the following sentences with the most appropriate words/phrases with reference to grammar, idioms, proverbs and syntax.

Like a fish ________

a. Out of aquarium
b. Out of water
c. Out of sea
d. Out of ocean
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Out of water

Fish lives in water and therefore sea, ocean are all water(fish are found in both). The natural habitat of fish is not the aquarium.

6)   In the question below, there is a sentence with jumbled up parts. Rearrange these parts, which are labelled A, B, C and D to produce the correct sentence. Choose the proper sequence.

a. The CEO
b. of making the right decision
c. was not scared
d. despite a loss in profits

Correct Sequence:

a. abcd
b. abdc
c. acbd
d. bcda
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: acbd

“The CEO” is the subject of the sentence not scared of making the decision is the verb or action part and despite profits were lessening forms part of the predicate or latter half of the sentence. The entire sentence therefore reads meaningfully if (c) is chosen.

7)   Choose the correct alternative which can be substituted for the below given word/ sentence.

Fear of spiders is known as:

a. Hydrophobia
b. Social Phobia
c. Agoraphobia
d. Arachnophobia
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Arachnophobia

Phobia is derived from Phobos which is a Greek word for fear. While social phobia is fear of social interaction agoraphobia is fear of crowded places. Arachnophobia is fear of spiders while Hydro means water so Hydrophobia is fear of water. Therefore, (d) is the correct choice.

8)   In the following question, an idiom or proverb has been underlined. Choose its correct meaning in the given context from the alternatives given below.

She knew that the best way to get into hot water was to anger her boss.

a. to enter water heated by the sun
b. to have hot water
c. to be confused
d. to get into trouble
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: to get into trouble

Hot water means an unpleasant situation; (d) is the right answer.

9)   Pick the word/phrase most nearly opposite in meaning.


a. Pliable
b. Vulnerable
c. Weak
d. Happy
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Pliable

Dictatorial is derived from dictator hence (a) is the right choice because the opposite of weak is strong and happy is sad. Vulnerable is not the opposite of dictatorial.
Sentence: Jan was a dictatorial girl who always wanted to get her own way.

10)   Choose the pair of words which have a relationship similar to that between the given pair of words:

Chance: Encounter

a. Deep: Sea
b. Artist: Doctor
c. Patient:Hospital
d. Educator: Teacher
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Deep: Sea

Just like “chance encounter” is a phrase, so is “deep sea”. The other word pairs are either not linked or do not form a meaningful whole.