Daily English Practice Test - Set 7

1)   Pick the word/phrase closest in meaning to the given word:


a. Contraction
b. Expansive
c. Increase
d. Being expanded
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Increase

Contracting means reducing. While being expanded and expansive both mean to increase, the problem is that the world raise is a noun in active voice. (d) is in passive voice- being expanded as opposed to expanded. Thus the correct choice is increase because it is a noun which is in active voice.

Sample Sentences:

Increase: He tried to increase the length of the cut piece so that the shirt would fit the customer.

2)   The given sentence have been divided into parts out of which a part may contain grammatical error. Choose the part which has grammatical error or else choose ‘No error’ as your answer.

Either the manager(a)/ or his subordinates (b)/ had failed in his (c)/ duties, because the project fell apart (d).

a. a
b. b
c. c
d. d
e. No error
Answer  Explanation 


(c) is the correct choice because when a singular (manager) and plural (his subordinates) noun are linked by or or nor, plural pronoun has to be used.
Incorrect: Either the manager or his subordinates had failed in his duties because the project fell apart.
Correct: Either the manager or his subordinates had failed in their duties, because the project fell apart.

Their is used, not his, because it could be either the manager (singular) or his subordinates (plural). His would imply there is no doubt that it is the manager’s fault only.

3)   In the sentence given below a part is underlined and for that part options are given. Choose the most suitable option that can replace the underlined part.

If he had time, he will refer you to the next doctor coming after his shift is over.

a. have
b. would have
c. has
d. No improvement
Answer  Explanation 


To ensure the correct tense form (has-will) you have to choose answer (c) as the right response. All other options do not match with the verb of the second action . i.e. he will refer you.

4)   There are two sentences. Each sentence has a blank in it. Five options are given below the sentence pair. Choose the option that fits both the blanks.

1. Anisha decided to resign after she was passed ___ for promotion again.
2. I will go __ to the shop if you will come with me.

a. Under
b. In
c. Over
d. About
Answer  Explanation 


The answer is (b) because sentence 1 requires the use of the idiom passed over. You cannot go under, or about a shop though you can go in to it. But the correct word for both sentences is over in this context. (c) is the right answer.

5)   Complete the following sentences with the most appropriate words/phrases with reference to grammar, idioms, proverbs and syntax.

She wanted him to ___________ the lines but he lacked sufficient understanding of the situation.

a. Read up all
b. Read between
c. Read for
d. None of the above
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Read between

To read between the lines means to derive a meaning from the words which is not obvious, but hidden. To find a matter that is concealed from him enlightening would mean he has unique insight. As the sentence says he clearly lacks understanding, the inference is he cannot think deeply on the matter.

6)   In the question below, there is a sentence with jumbled up parts. Rearrange these parts, which are labelled A, B, C and D to produce the correct sentence. Choose the proper sequence.

a. She saw her opportunity
b. to make amends
c. when he came to her home
d. to borrow some sugar.

a. bcda
b. bcad
c. adbc
d. abcd
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: abcd

The correct option is abcd because she only gets a chance to make amends when something happens (i.e he came to borrow sugar). Another possible option could be cdab, but this option is not available in the set of possible choices.

7)   Choose the correct alternative which can be substituted for the below given word/ sentence.

Person who writes in a newspaper

a. Writer
b. Author
c. Journalist
d. None of the above
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Journalist

While writer and author are general terms, journalist is a more specific term indicating professionals who write for newspapers and other media such as journals, periodicals etc.

8)   In the following question, an idiom or proverb has been underlined. Choose its correct meaning in the given context from the alternatives given below.
Her fame spread far and wide because she was a talented singer.

a. Her fame grew
b. Her fame lessened
c. Her fame ended
d. Her fame began
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Her fame grew

(a) is the right choice as the fame grows as a result of positive performances and talent.

9)   Pick the word/phrase most nearly opposite in meaning.


a. War
b. Hatred
c. Fight
d. None of the above
Answer  Explanation 


The opposite of peace is war, though hatred and fight also carry a negative connotation.

10)   Choose the pair of words which have a relationship similar to that between the given pair of words:

Sum: Plus

a. Subtract:Minus
b. Donkey:Cart
c. Life: Death
d. None of the above
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Subtract:Minus

Just like a sum involves addition or plus sign, subtraction involves minus sign. Life is the opposite of death and donkey is known as a means of pulling the cart. So the right choice is (a)