IAS Prelims GS Questions and Answers - Dec 16, 2015

1)   Which of the following Indian state/s have set minimum educational qualification for elections to the Panchayati Raj institutions?

1. Gujarat
2. Karnataka
3. Maharashtra
4. Haryana
5. Rajasthan

a. 1 and 2
b. 1,2,3
c. 4 and 5
d. 3 and 5
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ANSWER: 4 and 5

- Haryana has become the second State after Rajasthan to fix educational and other qualifications for the candidates contesting PRI elections.
- Matriculation is essential qualification for general candidates contesting the Panchayat elections while the qualification for the women (general) and Scheduled Caste candidate will be middle standard (VIII).
- For Sarpanch elections, the candidate should have passed Class 8 from any school under the general category while in case of a woman candidate belonging to SC category, the minimum qualification shall be V pass.

2)   Amchi medical system is another name for -

a. Ayurveda
b. Unani
c. Homoeopathy
d. Sowa rigpa
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ANSWER: Sowa rigpa

- Sowa rigpa is also known as Amchi.
- It is ancient Tibetan medicinal system believed to have been taught by Buddha himself.
- It is practiced in Tibet, Magnolia, Bhutan, some parts of China, Nepal, Himalayan regions of India and few parts of former Soviet Union etc.
- 12th five year plan has proposed the setting up a Rs 100 crore National Institute of Sowa-Rigpa.

3)   In which gulf country, women were allowed to vote and to run for office for first time?

a. Qatar
b. Saudi Arabia
c. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
d. Iraq
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ANSWER: Saudi Arabia

- Municipal elections in Saudi Arabian towns and cities were held on 12 December 2015.
- The previous two elections, in 2005 and 2011, were for half the council seats and were open to male candidates and voters only.
- The 2015 election was for two thirds of the council seats, on 284 municipal councils, with both male and female candidates and voters.
- This was the first election in Saudi Arabia in which women were allowed to vote and the first in which they were allowed to run for office.

4)   Which of the following statements is/are correct about WPI?

1. The Indian WPI figure was released weekly on every Thursday for all commodities.
2. Manufactured Products have highest weight in calculation of WPI.

a. Only 1
b. Only 2
c. Both
d. None
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ANSWER: Only 2

- The practice of releasing weekly WPI figure is discontinued in 2012.
- Now WPI is released on monthly basis for all commodities.
- But for Primary Articles and Fuel Group it is released on every Thursday.
- Weight in WPI : Manufactured Products (64.97%), Primary Articles (20.12%), Fuel Group(14.91%).

5)   Which of the following statements is/are correct about Regional Rural Banks (RRBs)?

1. RRBs were set up on recommendations of the Narasimham Working Group.
2. Union, state and sponsor bank holds equal stakes in RRBS.

a. Only 1
b. Only 2
c. Both
d. None
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ANSWER: Only 2

- According to RRB act 1976 share holding patten : Union (50%), state(15%) and sponsor bank(35%)
- By the amendment of 2014 RRB can issue shares in capital market to get more funds from private investors, but combined shareholding of Union, state, Sponser bank should not fall below 51%

6)   The markhor is the national animal of -

a. Afghanistan
b. Iran
c. Mongolia
d. Pakistan
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ANSWER: Pakistan

- Markhor is a large species of wild goat.
- It is found in northeastern Afghanistan, northern and central Pakistan, Kashmir, southern Tajikistan and southern Uzbekistan.
- It was reclassified as 'Near Threatened' from 'Endangered' in 2015 in IUCN red list.

7)   Sargasso Sea is formed due to -

a. South Pacific Gyre
b. South Atlantic Gyre
c. North Pacific Gyre
d. North Atlantic Gyre
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ANSWER: North Atlantic Gyre

- The Sargasso Sea is a region in the gyre in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean.
- It is the only sea on Earth which has no coastline.
- Sargasso Sea is distinctive for its deep blue color and exceptional clarity, with underwater visibility of up to 61 m.