IAS Prelims GS Questions and Answers - Feb 20, 2016

1)   What is also called Golden Fiber?

a. Rice
b. Jute
c. Wheat
d. Cotton
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  • The color of Jute fibers is one reason for its name as the golden fiber.
  • It also is seen to be an important fiber and is very profitable. Jute is called the “Golden Fiber of India” because India earns valuable foreign exchange by exporting Jute.
  • It’s versatility and has eco-friendly properties.
  • It is utilized for preparing gunny bags for packaging of food grains, as mandated by Jute Packaging material (JPM) Act.
  • The Government is making all-out efforts to combat pollution by promoting jute products and encouraging people to use them in their day to day life.
  • The Government is now giving emphasis on promoting diversification in use of jute, for preparing shopping bags, carriers, office folders, wall hangings, holders, stationery, gifts, handicrafts accessories, jute sculptures, ornamental and fashionable items, footwear, clothes and puppets, Home furnishings and Décor, Frames and Key Hangers, Lampshades, carpets and table runners, Rugs & Curtains, handicrafts, beach bags, clutches & totes, cases & water bottle holders, pouch bags and hand bags etc.
  • West Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Orissa and Meghalaya are the major producers of jute.
  • Bangladesh is the largest producer and exporter of raw jute.

2)   The Ayurvedic Drug Ayush-64 is very effective for the treatment of

a. Malaria
b. TB
c. Diabetes
d. Blood Pressure
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ANSWER: Malaria


  • Malaria is one of the most prevalent; destructive widely spread disease, well known to Ayurvedic Physicians as Visama Jvara from ancient times.
  • In view of its wide prevalence and drug resistant malarial parasite, a poly-herbal non-toxic drug has been developed by Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS) after carrying out extensive pharmacological, toxicological and Clinical studies.

3)   The Ayurvedic Drug Ayush-82 is very effective for the treatment of

a. Diabetes
b. Malaria
c. Depression
d. High Blood Pressure
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ANSWER: Diabetes


  • Ayush-82- an anti-diabetic drug developed by Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS) is a combination of known and tested hypoglycemic drugs.
  • It is effective for non-insulin dependent Diabetes mellitus.

4)   Recently a major software company has announced linkage of Aadhar number to which of the following service?

a. Whatsapp
b. Skype
c. Gmail and Google+
d. Facebook
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  • Microsoft Corporation said it was working towards integrating Aadhaar as a factor of authentication with its video-calling service Skype.
  • Initially, it is being done on pilot basis.

5)   ‘HIPPO’ is concerned with

a. Economy
b. Health Policy
c. Environment and Biodiversity
d. Counter-terrorism
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ANSWER: Counter-terrorism


  • The HIPPO (High Level Independent Panel on Peace Operations) report is aimed at countering international terror groups.
  • The HIPPO report has expanded the scope of counter terror operations beyond the traditional U.N. peace keeping operations by recommending that “ad hoc coalitions authorized by the U.N. Security Council” can undertake counter-terror operations with the intention of peacekeeping and peace-enforcement.
  • India is one of the largest troop-contributors to the UN peace missions has been looking for flexible agenda to help it coordinate the peace operations better under the UN.

6)   Bedaquiline drug is being tested to fight

a. Malaria
b. Zika
c. Yellow fever
d. TB
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  • A pilot programme to test the toxicity, particularly cardio-toxicity, of bedaquiline drug (for combating multidrug- resistant TB) in the Indian population, to assess its ability to achieve culture conversion and to check the feasibility of using the drug to treat MDR-TB patients will start in India.
  • Only those resistant to both rifampicin and isoniazid, the first-line TB drugs, will be enrolled.
  • As per the WHO’s recommendation, bedaquiline will be given to patients, besides the regular multidrug treatment regimen. Unlike clinical trials, the six institutions will not enroll a certain number of patients each. Instead, patients willing to participate in the programme will be enrolled on a first come, first served basis.

7)   Recently a new technology has been developed for communication called as Li-Fi. Li-Fi is

a. Light Fit
b. Lithium Fiber
c. Light Fiber
d. Light Fidelity
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ANSWER: Light Fidelity


  • Prof. Harald Haas of the University of Edinburgh coined the term Li-Fi in 2011.
  • Light waves instead of radio frequency waves will be used to carry data. The data from internet flows into a device which is connected to a LED bulb. Then the light containing data from this bulb falls on a receiver or a dongle connected to the computer.
  • RF (radio frequency) spectrum would not be enough considering the rate of growth of wireless data communication. The visible light spectrum was much larger.
  • The use of the light spectrum for Li-Fi overcomes the issues in traditional wireless communication, like the shortage of spectrum and network disruption because of interference.
  • In Li-Fi, anyone who has access to light can access the Internet. The system also allows users to move from one light source to another without losing their network connection.
  • For connecting to the Internet in the night the stream of photons can be reduced to a minimal level that won’t produce visible light but enough to carry data.
  • Though Li-Fi was poised to compete with Wi-Fi, it was not meant to replace it.
  • The Li-Flame is described as the world’s first true Li-Fi system. Latest product is LiFi-X. First product is Li-1st, second Li-Flame.

8)   Which of the following is/are true regarding Li-Fi technology?

1) It does not work under water unlike current radio frequency communication.
2) It cannot pass through walls.

a. Only 1
b. Only 2
c. Both 1 and 2
d. Neither 1 nor 2
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ANSWER: Only 2


  • Li-Fi works under water as well.
  • Though the inability of light rays to pass through walls and similar structures is seen as a major drawback of this technology, it is an advantage since restriction by walls provides more security to the network and eliminates the risk of the signal leakage to eavesdropping.
  • Visible light spectrum is available in plenty, unlimited, unlicensed and free to use.
  • Bulb gives light as well as internet access.
  • Normal LED bulb can be used and no special bulbs needed.
  • Low interference leads to very high data speed.
  • Not harmful, unlike RF that can interfere with electronic circuitry.
  • It can achieve about 1000 times data density of Wi-Fi, as light can be contained in an area.