Blackberry - Current Affairs Questions and Answers

1)   Which mobile company launched a cloud enabled mobile security platform for Enterprise of Things?

a. BlackBerry
b. Micromax
c. Nokia
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: BlackBerry

Canadian mobile company BlackBerry on 9th Dec 2016 launched a Cloud enabled mobile security platform for Enterprise of Things that will address entire businesses from endpoint to endpoint.

Businesses will now be able to reliably transmit sensitive data between endpoints to keep people, information and goods safe.

BlackBerry CEO is currently John Chen.

Platform completes the integration of BlackBerry’s prior acquisition of key technology firms such as:

  • Good Technology
  • WatchDox
  • AtHoc
  • Encription

  • What is Enterprise of Things?

  • EoT is a network of intelligent connections and endpoints within the enterprise. These enable products to move from sketch to scale.

  • It involves anything that can communicate with each other to facilitate smart product development, distribution, marketing and sales.

    Collection comprises:

  • Devices
  • Computers
  • Sensors
  • Trackers
  • Equipments

2)   BlackBerry has signed a 5 year multimillion dollar deal to run emergency notifications for which government senate?

a. US
b. UK
c. UAE
d. None of the above
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BlackBerry has signed a 5 year multimillion dollar deal to run emergency notifications for the US senate.

  • The Canadian company has also signed the deal to shift to software from smartphones.
  • BlackBerry also said that AtHoc, a crisis communication firm purchased last year has expanded a deal with US Coast Guard to cover staff in Washington.
  • US Department of Defence is one of its largest customers.

3)   Which UK based cybersecurity consultancy has BlackBerry acquired on 24th February 2016?

a. Encryption
b. Encription
c. Decryption
d. Encoding
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ANSWER: Encription

BlackBerry has acquired UK based cyber security consultancy Encription, moving the company into the service industry to morph into software focused entity amid current turnaround. Smartphone pioneer sees massive potential in the area which is currently worth USD 16.5 billion per annum on an international scale. Acquisition will bring team of 40 cybersecurity professionals into BlackBerry’s folded also provide the company an opportunity to cross sell its own security products. Last year in September, BlackBerry acquired Good Technology for USD 425 million after acquisition of secure networked crisis communications provider AtHoc.

4)   BlackBerry has appointed whom as the MD of India operations on 27th October 2015?

a. Suresh Lalvani
b. Sunil Lalvani
c. Narendra Nayak
d. Arun Nayak
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ANSWER: Narendra Nayak

BlackBerry said appointed Narendra Nayak as the MD of its India operations replacing Sunil Lalvani, who had quit the organisation in June, 2015. Nayak will drive BlackBerry software and services business through channels in India and also be responsible for growing ecosystem of indirect channels in the country. He earlier worked for venture-funded software company Linguanext Technologies, where he was responsible for growing the business in India and across South East Asia, Middle East and Africa. He has also worked with IBM, Motorola, Digital Equipment India and CSC.