Capgemini - Current Affairs Questions and Answers

1)   India is among the top ___ destinations when it comes to innovation according to a Capgemini report.

a. 5
b. 10
c. 8
d. 15
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Report innovation centres in the country doubled to 16 during a 6 month period to leapfrog India to top 5 globally when it came to innovation, according to consulting major Capgemini.

  • India has been rising in the ranks of favourite destinations to open innovation centres- the previous research identified 8 innovation centres in India in July 2015
  • India has since seen 8 more innovation centres open their doors
  • New innovation centres were opened making India emerge as the fifth global hub in the top 5 listed namely Silicon Valley, London, Paris and Singapore
  • New innovation centres in the past few months included top brands like Visa, Apple and Airbus.
  • Internationally the financial sector led the rest of the pack in opening innovation centres
  • Close to 42 percent of leading financial organisations had innovation centres in February 2016 as against 28 percent in July 2015

2)   French IT services firm Capgemini has appointed whom as the CEO of the Indian operations?

a. Srinivas Kandula
b. Srinivas Singh
c. Srinivas Bhatnagar
d. Srinivas Ramanujam
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ANSWER: Srinivas Kandula

French IT services firm Capgemini has appointed Srinivas Kandula as the CEO of the Indian operations. He has played a key role in acquiring Patni by iGate in 2011 and iGate by Capgemini in 2015. Capgemini has purchased iGate in a USD 4 billion cash deal replacing Aruna Jayanthi who moved to a global role in the group. Kandula joined iGate in 2007 while he was ex EVP member of the Executive Council and Chief People Officer. Capgemini employs 1.8 lakh people in more than 40 nations and reported revenue of 10.57 billion euros in 2014 internationally.

3)   Which executive has resigned from the company iGATE after its acquisition by Capgemini?

a. Ashok Nath
b. Ashok Vemuri
c. Sean Suresh Narayanan
d. Sujit Sircar
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ANSWER: Ashok Vemuri

French IT services firm Capgemini has indicated that Ashok Vemuri, CEO of iGATE has resigned from the company six months after it was acquired by the former for USD 4 billion. Vemuri joined iGATE as CEO in September 2013. Other noted execs of this company included Sean Suresh Narayanan and Sujit Sircar who were offered retention bonuses in 2014.