Dell - Current Affairs Questions and Answers

1)   Dell's Latitude 7285 is the first 2-in-1 to enable what technology?

a. Freedom from all wires to the device
b. Wireless charging
c. Both of the above
d. Neither of the above
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ANSWER: Both of the above

WiTricity announced that Dell's Latitude 7285 will incorporate its wireless charging technology to become the industry's first two-in-one to able workplace free of wires to the device.

It includes the company's magnetic resonance based wireless charging for PCs.

Latitude 7285 is an AirFuel certified system which will be interoperable with emerging magnetic resonance based wireless charging ecosystem, in which WiTricity technology is foundational.

The new Latitude 7285 enables a streamlined user experience by allowing people to ditch cords to the device and have seamless charging for laptops when placed on AirFuel-certified compatible charging surface.

The Dell Latitude 7285 not only enables a more productive working environment, but accelerates establishment of a broader magnetic resonance-powered wireless charging ecosystem for a wide range of devices.

The trick lies in the keyboard with the Latitude 7285 is a 2-in-1 hybrid– 100% of its components fit inside the tablet display which catch to one of the three keyboards to create clamshell laptop.

The keyboard communicates with new wireless charging pad. The Latitude is positioned to compete with other 2-in-1s, such as the Microsoft Surface and the Lenovo Flex.

Available in 2017, it uses wireless power transfer over distance using magnetic resonance.

2)   IT major Dell has ranked India at which position in the list of 50 future ready cities?

a. 40
b. 42
c. 44
d. 46
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IT major Dell has ranked Delhi 44th on the list topped by San Jose.

National capital Delhi has been recognised as one of 50 future ready cities across the world embracing technology to change and adapt in a globalised future. IT major Dell has reappeared the report. Delhi is 44th on the list topped by San Jose. San Francisco is at number two position. Centre has launched ambitious initiatives in the creation of a digitally enabled nation.

3)   Dell is currently poised for the biggest takeover in the tech industry through purchase of counterpart _____.

a. AMC
b. FMC
c. EMC
d. DMC
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Dell, the company founded by Michael S. Dell is looking to adapt to a quick changing tech industry and is in the process of acquiring storage provider EMC keeping this in mind. This deal has been valued at USD 65 billion and Dell along with its financial backer Investment firm Silver Lake has held that the acquisition will assist it in keeping up with the competition. Purchasing EMC will provide Dell with one of the leading names in computer data storage along with existing offerings such as mobile devices, corporate software and network servers. Dell will pay close to USD 33.15 per share in a transaction involving cash and special kind of stock. Currently, VMware holds an 81% stake in EMC and the company has a market value pegged at USD 33 billion valuing EMC’s stake at USD 27 billion.