Income Tax - Banking awareness questions on current affairs

1)   For which of the following Income Tax Department has to open special return counters?

a. Defence Personnel, Salaried Tax Payers & Pensioners
b. Salaried Tax Payers, Defence Personnel & Differently-abled Persons
c. Pensioners, Salaried Tax Payers & Differently-abled Persons
d. Salaried Tax Payers, Pensioners & Differently-abled Persons
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Salaried Tax Payers, Pensioners & Differently-abled Persons

Salaried tax payers and pensioners with annual income upto five lakh rupees and with no refund claim can file their returns at these counters upto 31st Aug’15. However, the income limit of 5 lakh rupees and no claim refund provision will not apply to tax payers over the age of 80 years deriving salary or pension income. There will be special facilitation counters for senior citizens and differently - abled persons. An official release said similar facilitation counters are being set up in other metro cities based on the local requirements.