Libya - Current Affairs Questions and Answers

1)   Libyan parliament refused to sign a peace deal backed by which world body?

a. ICJ
b. UN
c. Amnesty International
d. None of the above
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Libya's globally-recognised parliament on 19 October 2015 objected to sign the United Nations (UN)-backed peace deal for a power-sharing arrangement with rival Islamist-led authorities. While the parliament in based in Tobruk, the Islamist government is based in Tripoli. The deal was rejected on account of inclusion of amendments added by Islamists without its consent. Unity government would have gotten the power to eliminate all senior Libyan officials not unanimously approved by its members, according to the agreement. The country lost stability after Western forces toppled M. Gaddafi.

2)   Which country’s prime minister resigned live on TV, hours after peace talks between the country’s rival factions restarted?

a. Egypt
b. Libya
c. Sudan
d. South Sudan
Answer  Explanation 


The prime minister of Libya's internationally recognised government, Abdullah al-Thani, has announced his resignation. The announcement was made in a surprise move live on television, hours after peace talks between the country's rival factions restarted. During the talk show, Prime Minister Al-Thani faced angry questions from citizens who blamed his government for the lack of basic services such as electricity and poor security in areas of it controls. Al-Thani said during the show that if his exit is the solution, he resigns. He added that his resignation will be submitted to the parliament on 16th Aug’15.