Madhav Gadgil panel, Western ghat - Current Affairs Questions and Answers

1)   During fieldwork in Western Ghats, scientists on 26th November 2015 have discovered a new species of tree frog. What is it called?

a. Ghatixalus magnus
b. Thatixalus magnus
c. Ghatixalus cagnus
d. Ghatixalus dagnus
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ANSWER: Ghatixalus magnus

A new tree frog species named Ghatixalus magnus has been discovered in Kadalar in the high ranges of Idukki district in the Western Ghats of Kerala.The frog belongs to Rhacophorid tree frog of the genus Ghatixalus. It was named as Ghatixalus magnus due to its large size making it the largest known tree frog from the Western Ghats. This discovery was a joint effort by researchers from US and India.