Military Exercises - Current Affairs Questions and Answers

1)   INDRA Navy is a bilateral maritime exercise between the navies of which two nations?

a. India and Australia
b. India and S. Africa
c. India and Spain
d. India and Russia
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: India and Russia

INDRA NAVY is a bilateral maritime exercise between the Indian and Russian navies and epitomises the strategic relationship between the two and was Initiated in 2003. 8th edition of INDRA Navy will be launched from 7th to 12th December in the Bay of Nebgal. During INDRA NAVY-15, the Indian Navy will be represented by INS Sahyadri an indigenous frigate, INS Ranvijay, a guided missile destroyer and INS Shakti a Fleet Support Ship. In addition, a submarine, INS Sindhuvir, the P8I Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft, Dornier Short Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft, Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer and other integral rotary wing helicopters are scheduled to participate in the bilateral exercise.The Russian Federation Navy (RFN) will be represented by VADM RYABUKHIN ANDREY Deputy Commander of the Pacific Fleet and ships from the Pacific Fleet, based at Vladivostok. RFN ships Varyag (cruiser), Bystry (destroyer), Alatau (rescue ocean going tug) and Boris Butoma (fleet tanker) will also take part. There will be two phases namely Harbour and Sea Phase.