Mobile App - Current Affairs Questions and Answers

1)   Which app was launched in Kolkata on CIL Foundation Day to benefit customers of Coal India Limited lifting coal through the road mode?

a. Grahak Sadak Koyla Vitaran App
b. Gram Sadak Koyla Vitaran App
c. Garib Sadak Koyla Vitaran App
d. Gramin Sadak Koyla Vitaran App
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ANSWER: Grahak Sadak Koyla Vitaran App

Shri Piyush Goyal, Union Minister of Railways & Coal has launched 'Grahak Sadak Koyla Vitaran App' benefitting customers of Coal India Limited (CIL) lifting coal through road mode.

The customer friendly app, launched recently in Kolkata on CIL's Foundation Day, helps achieve transparency in despatch operations, as a tool to monitor, whether the despatches are made on the fair principle of 'First in First Out' and keeps track of all the activities from issuance of Sale Order to physical delivery of coal by road.

The main benefits of the App for the customers, against the Sale Orders issued, include easy accessibility of the information at the click of the button, apart from transparency in the system of loading programme and despatch.

The app also helps in logistics planning for lifting of coal in tune with the loading programmes.

It further helps in improved planning of procurement, production and stock management by the customers.

The main features of the app are that it provides date-wise, truck-wise quantity of coal delivered against the Sale Orders and information related to Scheme-wise, Colliery-wise, Grade-wise, customer-wise details of Sale Orders issued during a period.

In terms of loading it provides allotment verses lifting status in details from different sources truck by truck and summary of the despatch.

Coal India is addressing its customer needs in a big way and made 'ease of doing business' a major consumer commitment.

The launching of the app is also one of the initiatives of CIL towards achieving the much cherished goal of 'Digital India' and transparency.

Need for the App

  • It may be recalled that CIL in a move to rush more coal to power stations, coal supplies to plants located in shorter distances have been offered through road mode from available pithead stock.
  • As a result, power plants located within 50 Kms to 60 Kms from the mines may take as much coal from the nearest mines as they can.
  • During 2016-17 despatch of coal through road mode had been about 140 Million Tonnes (MTs) out of the total despatch of 542 MTs by CIL accounting for 26%.
  • The impetus given in the current fiscal has improved movement of coal through road considerably.
  • As of end of October 2017 the movement of coal through road mode at a little over 93 MTs accounted for 29% of the total coal despatch of 317 Mts.
  • The road despatch during the current fiscal till October 2017 went up by 12 MTs compared to same period last fiscal.

2)   Which app was launched for use in the National Science Talent search examination in Nov 2017?

a. Vidhyarthi Sammelan Manthan
b. Vidhyarthi Vigyan Manthan
c. Vidhyarthi Gyan Manthan
d. Vidyarthi Jyoti Manthan
e. Vidyarthi Kiran Manthan
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ANSWER: Vidhyarthi Vigyan Manthan

In a bid to boost science and technology learning among students, the government will hold a nationwide science talent search examination through a mobile application.

State minister Alphons Joseph Kannanthanam launched the mobile app Vidhyarthi Vigyan Manthan (VVM).

The app will be used for National Science Talent Search examination to be held on November 26.

The VVM app will be available on Android and Apple's iOS platform. Students appearing for the examination will have to register on the mobile app and will need to visit the authorised centre to take the test.

The app will disconnect and free other applications of mobile or laptop once the examination starts.

The examination will be conducted in two sections - junior classes which are class 6-8 and senior classes comprising students from class 9-12.

The syllabus for the test is available online. Every student will be assessed based on class-based performance.

Winners will get recognition, a cash prize and government-sponsored trip to science labs in the country and even abroad.

Cash Prizes for Nationwide Science Talent Search Exam Winners (State)

Winner - cash prize of INR 10,000,
Runner-up - cash prize of INR 7,000
Second Runner-up - cash prize of INR 5,000

Cash Prizes for Nationwide Science Talent Search Exam Winners (National)

Winner - cash prize of INR 25,000
Runner-up - cash prize of INR 15,000
Second Runner-up - cash prize of INR 10,000