PMJDY - Current Affairs Questions and Answers

1)   According to latest data, over 26 crore accounts have been opened under PMJDY. How many of these are in rural areas, approximately?

a. 10 crore
b. 12 crore
c. 16 crore
d. None of the above
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: 16 crore

According to the fresh data released by the Finance Ministry, over 26 crore accounts have been opened under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dan Yojana across the country till date.

Nearly 16 crore accounts have been opened in rural areas and more than 10 crore in the urban.

Over 71,5000 crore rupees has been deposited in these accounts.

Zero balance accounts have come down by nearly 24%.

Around 20 crore RuPay debit cards have also been issued under the scheme.

The PMJDY was launched in Aug 2014 by PM Narendra Modi to ensure financial inclusion for covering all households with at least one bank account.

More About PMJDY

  • Government scheme launched by government of India.
  • Aims to provide easy access to financial services such as Remittance, Credit, Insurance, Savings, Deposit and Pension.
  • Financial inclusion scheme officially launched on 15th August 2014.
  • East financial access ensured to everyone at national level.

2)   What percent coverage has Pradhanmantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) achieved in Sikkim?

a. 98.5%
b. 100%
c. 12%
d. 50%
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: 98.5%

The banks, in this small mountainous state with a meagre population of little over six lakhs, have been successful not only in opening new accounts but also in mobilizing handsome balance in the accounts so opened.

3)   Which state has achieved 100% success in implementing the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna?

a. Assam
b. Punjab
c. Kerala
d. Meghalaya
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Meghalaya

All households in the state have been successfully covered under the scheme. More than 5.53 lakh households have been covered with 1.55 lakh new bank accounts.