SBI - GS questions based on daily current affairs

1)   First ATM machine on India’s aircraft carrier was installed by

a. SBI
b. Corporation Bank
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  • INS Vikramaditya, the largest warship and latest aircraft carrier of the Indian Navy, has a strength of over 1500 personnel.
  • A versatile national capability and a full-fledged township by herself, the ship has a new acquisition – an ATM machine installed on-board by the nation’s largest bank and banking network, the State Bank of India.
  • The facilities offered by the State Bank of India to the ship include cash withdrawals, generation of mini-statements, access to bank balance details and change of PIN numbers.
  • In the near future, the facility will be upgraded to a recycler machine with a cash deposit facility.
  • Additionally, facilities like cash transfer, Card-to-Card transfer, Credit Card payment, mobile number registration and updating would also be available.
  • The ATM machine is a unique floating banking system, and along with the Point of Sale machine that is also proposed to be installed on-board, would go a long way in supporting cashless transactions on the ship, in line with the government’s policy of digitising the India economy.
  • It will enable personnel of the ship to manage their domestic financial requirements better and assist them in conducting their money transactions at their own convenience.

2)   Which of the following banks from India was allowed to operate in Myanmar?

b. SBI
c. Bank of India
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  • The State Bank of India is among four new foreign banks given preliminary approval to open 100 per cent-owned branches in Myanmar.
  • Earlier 9 banks were given approval. With these 4 the total now is 13.
  • SBI is the only Indian bank among the 13.
  • This assumes significance as Myanmar is a country with a lot of opportunity and was till now ruled by the military and hit by Western sanctions.
  • With India’s North-East connected to Myanmar, It opens road to development of the North-East.

3)   What is InCube?

a. Mobile Wallet App
b. A new social networking app
c. New tech Park for Start-ups.
d. Advisory services for startups
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ANSWER: Advisory services for startups

The first SBI InCube Branch has come up in Bengaluru. SBI InCube will be a one-stop advisory services facility for entrepreneurs but will not offer loans to startups for now. This specialized branch aims to understand and address banking needs of a Startup Business. SBI InCube would advise entrepreneurs on several issues from setting up a company to taxation matters, asset and liability products, foreign exchange services, remittances and cash management.