Saudi Arabia - Current Affairs Questions and Answers

1)   Saudi Arabians voted how many women into public office for the first time in the municipal elections in the conservative Islamic Kingdom, on December 13th 2015?

a. 14
b. 16
c. 17
d. 18
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Saudi Arabians voted 17 women into public office in municipal elections in the conservative Islamic kingdom on Saturday, the first for allowing female participation. This election is a landmark step because women can now vote and run as candidates. This is a major step forward from the time that women were barred from driving and dependent on male relatives for all life decisions.

2)   In which of the following countries women will be able to vote and run in elections held in December 2015, marking a step forward for proponents of women's rights in a country that has received heavy criticism for its treatment of women?

a. Saudi Arabia
b. Turkey
c. Pakistan
d. Tajikistan
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ANSWER: Saudi Arabia

According to a Saudi government website Official voter registration began on 22nd Aug’15, and candidate registration begins on August 30. Both days will mark firsts for women in Saudi Arabia gearing up to participate in elections in December. Women will only participate in elections at the municipal level.

3)   Who has been appointed as his heir by the Saudi Arabia King Salman on 29th Apr’15?

a. Crown Prince Muqrin bin Abdul Aziz
b. Prince Mohammed bin Nayef
c. Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz
d. None of these
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ANSWER: Prince Mohammed bin Nayef

A royal decree removed Crown Prince Muqrin bin Abdul Aziz bin Saud as next in line to the throne and replaced him with Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, 55, who headed a crackdown on al-Qaeda in the country a decade ago.