Submarine - Current Affairs Questions and Answers

1)   Naval submarine INS Kalvari has been a partnership between India and which EU nation?

a. Italy
b. France
c. Germany
d. Spain
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: France

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi dedicated the naval submarine INS Kalvari to the nation, at a function in Mumbai.

INS Kalvari is described as a prime example of "Make in India." He commended all those involved in its manufacture.

The submarine is an excellent illustration of the fast growing strategic partnership between India and France. He said the INS Kalvari will add even more strength to the Indian Navy.

The Prime Minister said that the 21st century is described as Asia's century. He added that it is also certain that the road to development in the 21st century goes through the Indian Ocean. That is why the Indian Ocean has a special place in the policies of the Government, he added.

The Prime Minister said this vision can be understood through the acronym SAGAR - Security and Growth for All in the Region.

India has played the role of "first responder" for its partner countries, in times of crisis.

The human face of Indian diplomacy and Indian security establishment is our speciality.

INS Kalvari: Know More

  • INS Kalvari is most modern non-nuclear stealth submarine in India Navy.
  • 'Kalvari' is Malayalam word that means deep-sea tiger shark.
  • It reflects its agility, strength and predatory prowess.
  • The length of INS Kalvari is 67.5 metres and height of 12.3 metres and weighs 1,565-tonnes and displacement capacity of 1,600 tonnes.
  • It is powered by two 1250 kW MAN extremely silent diesel-electric diesel engines making it very difficult to detect underwater.
  • It boasts highly advanced Combat Management System and a sophisticated Integrated Platform Management System.
  • Its hull form, fin and hydroplanes are specifically designed to produce minimum underwater resistance. It has 360 battery cells (each weighing 750 kg) to power the extremely silent Permanently Magnetised Propulsion Motor.
  • Its stealth capability is enhanced through mounting of equipment inside pressure hull on shock absorbing cradles
  • Submarine Tactical Integrated Combat System (SUBTICS) suite is heart of INS Kalvari's weapons system which processes information from sonars on-board submarine in detecting targets which can then be engaged with torpedoes or missiles.
  • It is armed with heavy weight torpedoes and Exocet anti-ship missiles. It can launch torpedoes both while submerged or on the surface.
  • It has an attack-and-search periscope equipped with infrared and low light level cameras and laser range finders to spot targets on the surface of the sea.
  • It is designed to operate in all theatres, including the tropics and can undertake multifarious types of missions typically undertaken by any modern submarine such as anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, intelligence gathering, area surveillance, mine laying etc.