US, Barack Obama - Current Affairs Questions and Answers

1)   Which Indian language has emerged as the largest spoken Indian language in the United States, with nearly 6.5 lakh people speaking it, according to the latest Census data?

a. Urdu
b. Hindi
c. Gujarati
d. Bengali
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The U.S. Census Bureau based on American Community Survey data collected from 2009 to 2013, said that more than 60 million people in the U.S. speak a language other than English at home and that Hindi was the top Indian language spoken with nearly 6.5 lakh speakers. Top languages other than English spoken in the U.S. homes include Spanish, Chinese, French, Korean, German, Vietnamese, Arabic, Tagalog and Russian.

2)   Which Republican was elected as the 54th speaker of the US House of Representatives on 30th October 2015?

a. John Boehner
b. Paul Smith
c. Paul Ryan
d. Jeb Bush
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ANSWER: Paul Ryan

Republican Paul Ryan was on 30th October 2015 elected as the 5th speaker of the US house of Representatives. Only 9 House Republicans voted against him and he fetched votes of 236 members . Ryan succeeds John Boehner of Ohio. He was sworn in as Speaker of the House and the nine-term congressman from Wisconsin, becomes the third Catholic in a row in the position, after John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi. He started working on Capitol Hill as a legislative aide in 1992 and won his House seat in 1998 when he was 28.

3)   US Senate passed the cyber security bill to address cyber threats by ______ votes.

a. 74-22
b. 74-20
c. 74-21
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: 74-21

Putting aside privacy concerns, US senate on 28th October 2015 passed the cyber security bill considered a critical step forward for addressing cyber threats and ensuring tools are in place to prevent further cyber attacks. Senate passed the bill by 74-21 votes and bill now heads for reconciliation with earlier passed House cyber security bill. The bill’s proponents have said it will deter cyber attacks through increased awareness in the cyber realm.

4)   Which report was released on 14 October 2015 by US State Department to give voice to oppressed people and to document when and where the universal human right to religious freedom was violated?

a. International Religious Freedom Report 2015
b. International Religious Freedom Report 2014
c. Global Religious Freedom Report 2015
d. Global Religious Freedom Report 2014
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ANSWER: International Religious Freedom Report 2014

This report includes 200 sub reports on various countries and details actions of non state actors who have committed human right abuses and stood in the way of religious freedom. The report found that Anti-Semitism persists in the world. In the year 2014, the report also found that governments in Africa, Asia and Middle East have failed to protect citizens against abuses by non state actors such as terrorist organisations which want to destroy religious diversity. Religious and civil society groups were found to have promoted greater respect for religious diversity.