USA, Anti Dumping Duty - Current Affairs Questions and Answers

1)   Who will be the chairman of the FCC in the Trump regime?

a. Ajit Pai
b. Ajit Doval
c. Ajit Singh
d. Ajit Agarkar
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ANSWER: Ajit Pai

President Donald Trump has picked a critic of the net neutrality rules to be chief regulatory of airwaves and internet connections in the US.

Ajit Pai has been chosen as the next chairman of the Federal Communications Commision wef 24th Jan 2017.

Pai was also on five-member panel that regulates the country’s communications infrastructure, including TV, phone and internet service.

There are currently just three members on the panel.

The Republicans’ new majority at the FCC, along with their control of Congress and the White House, is expected to help them roll back policies for net neutrality.

Pai said he would aim for an industry friendly FCC. A deregulation-minded FCC could potentially allow more huge mergers, overturn new protections for internet users.

It could lead to higher costs for media and technology companies that rely on the internet to reach consumers.

Pai opposed online privacy regulations that force broadband providers to ask consumers for permission before using their data.

The Internet Association, a trade group that represents tech and video companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google and Netflix also lauded the move.

The FCC currently has a 2-1 Republican majority and two empty seats, which will be filled by one Republican and one Democrat.

Know More About Ajit Pai

  • Pai, an Indian-American from Kansas, has been an FCC commissioner since 2012.
  • During 15 years in government, he’s been a Senate staffer and worked at the FCC and the Justice Department.
  • He was also a lawyer for Verizon and an attorney at the law firm Jenner & Block.

2)   Which is the new initiative making it easier for Indian diaspora to invest in SMB that has been launched on October 10, 2015?

a. India Investment Initiative
b. Indian Investment Initiative
c. Indian Investment Fund
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Indian Investment Initiative

Indian Investment Initiative/III was launched on October 10, 2015 in collaboration with USAID and Calvert Foundation as we'll as the US State department. This initiative makes it easier for Indian Americans to invest in SMBs back home. III offers a tool for Indian Americans to attain goals of leveraging close relations between India and the US. One of the first investments is IntelleGrow which focused on investment in key areas such as education, sustainable livelihoods and health. US based retail investors will support the initiative through the purchase of Community Investment Notes by Calvert Foundation. USAID will also provide Development Credit Guarantee for supporting Indian financial institutions contributing to social enterprises.

3)   Bilateral ties between which two countries are likely to touch USD 500 billion by 2025, according to a recent PwC-IACC report?

a. India and United Kingdom
b. India and Australia
c. India and South America
d. India and United States
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ANSWER: India and United States

India has emerged as the most sought after developing market for the US with bilateral trade between the two nations pegged at USD 500 billion by 2025 according to a survey conducted by PwC and Indo American Chamber of Commerce (IACC). Trade between the two nations can grow through considerable efforts from stakeholders even as there has been a 4 fold growth in Indo-US trade since 2006 to USD 100 billion in 2014.

4)   Recently, the US Federal Reserve Chief Janet Yellen undertook the following on 17th September 2015?

a. Interest rates in the US were changed
b. Interest rates in the US were kept the same
c. Interest rates in the US were lowered
d. Interest rates in the US were raised
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ANSWER: Interest rates in the US were kept the same

US Fed Reserve Chief Janet Yellen decided to keep the interest rates in the US economy unchanged. Indian fund managers and economists see this decision as another enabling factor for RBI to cut rates, which could give some more boost to the Indian economy that is again showing signs of stagnation.For the equity market, the immediate trend decider would be how the global markets react to the US rate decision. With Yellen not hiking the rates, FIIs are expected to be part of the Indian growth story.

5)   Which two nations on 17th September 2015 jointly created a Joint Challenge Coin to symbolise new partnership in creating next generation aircraft carriers for the naval forces?

a. India and United States
b. China and United States
c. Japan and United States
d. Bangladesh and United States
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: India and United States

India and the US have created a joint challenge coin for unique partnership in the field of naval armament. One side of the coin is inscribed with the message Forward Together We Go and Chale Saath Saath in Hindi on the other side . This reflects the vision statements of the US president and the Indian PM respectively. One side of the coin that is golden in colour has India and US flags and the other shows an aircraft carrier floating on blue waters. The coin was created by JWG at the first meeting in August 2015 to symbolise partnership between naval forces which in turn was announced in January 2015 during president Obama’s visit to India.

6)   By what percent U.S. economy grew in Apr-June 2015?

a. 2.3%
b. 3.7%
c. 4.6%
d. 4.1%
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ANSWER: 3.7%

On 27th Aug’15 the Commerce Department revised sharply upward its estimate of economic growth in the second quarter to a healthy annual pace of 3.7 percent, from an initial estimate of 2.3 percent.

7)   Which of the following courts dismissed 1984 Sikh riot case against Sonia Gandhi?

a. UN Court
b. Supreme Court
c. US Court
d. Delhi HighCourt
Answer  Explanation 


The three-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that it found the arguments presented by Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) in its case against Gandhi "without merit". SFJ had filed a lawsuit in 2013 against Gandhi accusing her of allegedly shielding and protecting Congress party leaders in the anti-Sikh riots that had erupted following the assassination of former Prime Minister and her mother-in-law Indira Gandhi.

8)   Recently which country became the fourth country to have a hotline (direct secure line of communication) with the US President?

a. India
b. China
c. Russia
d. Iran
Answer  Explanation 


India is the fourth country to have a hotline after Russia, Great Britain and China.

9)   The 2015 US-India Cyber Dialogue was held on 11-12th Aug’15 in which city?

a. New Delhi
b. Geneva
c. Washington DC
d. Berlin
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Washington DC

The dialogue was held with an aim to increase global cyber security and promote the digital economy.

10)   239th Independence Day of United States of America is being observed on _______.

a. 2nd July 2015
b. 3rd July 2015
c. 4th July 2015
d. 5th July 2015
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: 4th July 2015

No explanation is available for this question!

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