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1)   Which climate change expert was elected as the new IPCC chairman succeeding RK Pachauri?
- Published on 08 Oct 15

a. Chris Field
b. Jean-Pascal van Ypersele
c. Thomas Stocker
d. Hoesung Lee
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ANSWER: Hoesung Lee

South Korean climate change expert Housing Lee was elected as new chief of IPCC succeeding RK Pachauri who resigned following allegations of sexual harassment. Lee is currently professor of economics of climate change, energy and sustainable development at Korea University in Seoul. He was also the vice chairman of the IPCC since the year 2008. He has become the fourth IPCC head after Bert Bolin, Bob Watson and RK Pachauri. Pachauri served in the IPCC for the longest period of time, having been elected in 2002 and re-elected in 2008. Lee was 1 of 6 candidates contesting for the post of IPCC head. Others in the fray included Stanford University’s Chris Field, Jean Pascal van Ypersele from Belgium, Ogunlade Davidson (Sierra Leone), Nebojsa Nakicenovic (Austria and Montenegro) and Thomas Stocker of Switzerland. IPCC was created in 1988 as a project of UNEP and WMO.

2)   Who has been selected as the next USIBC chairman by Council’s BoD?
- Published on 24 Sep 15

a. John T. Chambers
b. John P. Chambers
c. Bill Gates
d. Ajay Banga
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ANSWER: John T. Chambers

Executive chairman of Cisco, John T Chambers was elected on 21 September 2015 as the next Chairman of US-India Business Council’s (USIBC) by the Council’s Board of Directors. He succeeded Banga, President and CEO of MasterCard, who has been the longest-serving chairman of the Council. He will assume charge w.e.f January 1 2016. Established in 1975, the council aims to advance commercial partnerships between India and the US from USD 100 to 500 billion. Mukesh Aghi is its president.

3)   Executive Council of Nehru Memorial Museum and Library has accepted the resignation of which officer on 18th September 2015?
- Published on 20 Sep 15

a. Council chairperson Lokesh Chandra
b. Director Mahesh Rangrajan
c. Vice Chairman M. J. Akbar
d. President Pratap Bhanu Mehta
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ANSWER: Director Mahesh Rangrajan

Director Mahesh Rangrajan has submitted his resignation to the executive council of NMML. Joint Secretary in cultural ministry in charge of NMML will be made into the officiating director. Rangarajan was appointed Director of NMML in June 2014 by the UPA government headed by PM Manmohan Singh. He is a teacher and author with special interest in environment and colonial history. NMML is a memorial to Jawaharlal Nehru and it is located in the Teen Murti House campus at Rashtrapati Bhawan. Teen Murti house was designed by R. T. Russel and building during 1929-1930 as part of Edwin Lutyen’s imperial capital.

4)   A noted agriculture expert has joined NITI Aayog as its third member. He is:
- Published on 10 Sep 15

a. Amartya Sen
b. Ramesh Chand
c. M. S. Swaminathan
d. Verghese Kurien
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ANSWER: Ramesh Chand

The Niti Aayog is headed by well known economist A. Panagariya and has two other members namely Bibek Debroy and V. K. Saraswat. While the former is an economist, the latter is former DRDO chief. Ramesh Chand, a noted agriculturalist has joined as a third member to revive the agriculture sector and boost its growth and progress as well as strategies for reforms and identifying successful experiments from which all states can learn.

5)   The headquarter of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) is located at ____.
- Published on 31 Aug 15

a. Durban
b. Masdar
c. Beijing
d. New Delhi
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ANSWER: Masdar

Masdar city is located in UAE that relies completely on solar energy and other renewable sources of energy. Masdar city is also known as world’s first zero-carbon and car-free smart city.

6)   Name the person removed from the position of Chief of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)?
- Published on 25 Jul 15

a. Dr. Neeraj Gulati
b. Dr. Swaroop Govind
c. Dr. Ajay Mathur
d. Dr. R. K. Pachauri
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ANSWER: Dr. R. K. Pachauri

Director General, TERI Dr. R K Pachauri has been removed. He will be replaced by Dr Ajay Mathur. Dr Pachauri was accused of sexual harassment by his junior colleague. 74-year-old Pachauri had shared Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 with former US Vice President Al Gore for work on climate issues. He has led and built The Energy and Resources Institute, TERI, over the last 34 years from a concept to a major, financially autonomous, professionally dynamic organization on the global stage.

7)   Name the person who resigned as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of Toshiba on 21st July’15?
- Published on 25 Jul 15

a. Hisao Tinaka
b. Masashi Muromachi
c. Norios Sasaki
d. Atsutoshi Nishida
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ANSWER: Hisao Tinaka

Hisao Tanaka resignation came as a backdrop of appointment of an independent panel by Toshiba which pointed that the firm had overstated its operating profit by a total of 151.8bn yen (1.22 billion US dollar). He will be succeeded by Masashi Muromachi, who is presently the Chairman of Toshiba.

8)   Who has been nominated by China to be the first president of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)?
- Published on 25 Jul 15

a. Jin Liqun
b. Narendra Modi
c. Xi Jinping
d. Ban Ki Moon
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ANSWER: Jin Liqun

He is the former Finance Minster of China. He was nominated by China to be the first president of the Beijing-backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

9)   Name the head of the International Monetary Fund?

- Published on 24 Jul 15

a. Kofi Annan
b. Ban Ki Moon
c. Christine Lagarde
d. Mark Simon
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ANSWER: Christine Lagarde

No explanation is available for this question!

10)   Who has been elected as the President of Lok Sevak Mandal on 29th June’15?
- Published on 21 Jun 15

a. Deepak Sharma
b. Ajay Pratap Singh
c. Deepak Malaviya
d. Shankar Singh
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ANSWER: Deepak Malaviya

He was elected at the General Council Meeting held in New Delhi yesterday. He is the youngest President of the organisation. The 94 year old welfare organisation was established by Punjab Kesari Lala Lajpat Rai. Octogenarian Sarvodaya leader and socialite Kirti Bhai Pandya has been elected as Vice President and journalist and littérateur Niranjan Rath as National Secretary of the organisation.

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