Mechanical Engineering MCQs and questions answers

Mechanical Engineering test questions for exams and entrance test

Mechanical engineering multiple choice objective questions

Thermodynamics - Basics and Laws of Thermodynamics

Automobile Engineering- Combustion Process, Fuel System in Petrol & Diesel Engine

Automobile Engineering - Cooling, Lubrication & Supercharging of Engine

Automobile Engineering - Clutch, Gear box, Propeller Shaft & Universal Joint

Automobile Engineering - Brakes, Wheels and Tyres, Suspension System

Automobile Engineering - Chassis, Auto-Electrical, Heating & AC Systems

Automobile Engineering- Emission & Control, Safety, Engine Performance & Testing

I. C. Engines - Cycles & Analysis - Air-Standard, Fuel-Air & Actual

I. C. Engines - Conventional & Alternative Fuels, Spark & Compression Ignition

I.C. Engines - Ignition, Combustion and Combustion Chambers

I.C. Engines - Engine Friction & Lubrication, Heat Rejection & Cooling

I.C. Engines - Emissions & Control, Supercharging

I.C. Engines - Measurements & Testing, Performance Parameters & Characteristics

I.C. Engines - Two-Stroke & Non-Conventional Engines

Automobile Engineering - Rear Axle Assembly, Front Axle & Steering System

I.C. Engines - Carburetion, Mechanical & Electronic Injection System

Theory of Machines - Fundamentals of Kinematics and Mechanism

Theory of Machines - Static and Dynamic Force Analysis, Balancing

Theory of Machines - Kinematic Analysis of Mechanism

Theory of Machines - Friction Clutches, Breaks, Dynamometer

Theory of Machines - Gears, Worm and Worm Wheel

Theory of Machines - Vibrations, Cam and Follower, Governor, Gyroscope

Thermodynamics - Entropy, Exergy or Availability

Thermodynamics - Properties of Pure Substances, Gases and Gas Mixtures

Heat Transfer - Conduction & Covection

Thermodynamics - Vapour and Gas Power Cycle

Thermodynamics - Refrigeration, Psychrometry, Steam Generators

Heat Transfer - Radiation & Heat Exchangers

Hydraulics & Pneumatics