15 Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 Questions and Answers

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What all OS are supported by Virtual PC 2007 as a host OS?

Virtual PC 2007 supports number of operating systems as guest OS, some of them are popularly known as MS-DOS, Windows XP, RedHat Linux, Ubuntu Linux and many other Linux variants. As a host operating system the Virtual PC 2007 support and can only run on Microsoft Windows OS. It should be noted that it does not support Windows 7 as guest OS.

What was XP Mode in Windows 7?

The XP Mode is a mode in Virtual PC 2007 that enables a quick installation and launch of Windows XP on the go on a guest virtual machine inside a running Windows 7 as host OS. This mode quickly configures all the features and facilities of communication and networking between the guest and the host without any hassle. You can anytime switch to XP-mode by clicking just one button. This solution also features seamless mode for XP.

Is Virtual PC 2007 a hypervisor?

Virtual PC is a Type-2 hypervisor. A type-2 hypervisor runs on a host OS by sharing its computing resources such as Memory, CPU, Peripherals, Networking devices etc. It does not run simultaneously on hardware resources but utilizes hardware resources through a host OS.

Does Virtual PC 2007 have CLI mode?

Yes, virtual PC 2007 does support command line. As an example ,
These are some of the parameters that are used with “Virtual PC.exe” in cmd..
- [-singlepc] [-quiet] [-usehostdiskcache]
- [-pc virtual_machine_name [
o [-disableclose][-disableopt][-s3bitclip][-setbiosno bios_serial_number][-setassettag asset_tag] [-extnetworking] [-launch] [{-fullscreen|-window}][-geometry widthxheight{+|-}x offset{+|-}y offset][{-minimize|-restore}][{-pause|-resume}]]
- [-help]
- [-registervm filename.vmc]
- [-startvm filename.vmc]

How does Virtual PC 2007 differ from Microsoft Hyper-V?

Virtual PC 2007 is desktop virtualization solution whereas Hyper-V is a cloud model that follows virtualization server technology. Virtual PC 2007 is capable of virtualization on a individual machine but Microsoft Hyper-V is capable of serving services on bases of virtualization of OS and services based on client-server architecture.

There are Wireless hardware virtualization problems in VMware solutions. Do you think these problems are also observed in virtual PC 2007?

Yes, this is true that there are issues in performance of Wireless hardware virtualization in VmWare solutions but these issues are not observed in Virtual PC 2007. The reason for that is the Virtual PC 2007 does not follow a custom driver model as VmWare, it follows its native WDM Windows Driver Model that is already under host OS and thus directly emulates wireless driver on guest machine.

Is Virtual Pc 2007 an obsolete application?

Yes, Windows Virtual PC 2007 is an obsolete application because it does not supports Windows 7 as guest operating system. Its newest version in market is known as Windows Virtual PC. This version supports Windows 7 functionalities fully. Earlier Virtual Pc series was available to Mac users also but now this support has been discontinued.

Give some small features of Windows Virtual Pc?

Some new features that is provided by Windows Virtual Pc are :

- XP Mode – whole setup in few clicks
- Direct USB support from guest OS as plugged in host OS
- Seamless application running from guest OS as running on host OS
- Folder integration between host and guests
- Clipboard Sharing between guest and host OS.
- Printer Redirection on guest OS task as a print task on host OS.

Describe seamless application publishing and launching?

The seamless applications from guest OS are represented on host OS or in other words “Published” on the host OS such that there is ease of launching applications. The ease of launching applications means the applications from guest are displayed as individual applications or compatible applications on the host OS, this is known as “Launching”.

What is Folder integration b/w host and guests?

The folder integration means the rights and privileges are allocated to the guest OS such that the share folders and files as they have integrated the usage. The special integrations applied to the folders on host are My Music, My Pictures, My Documents etc. This feature provides good accessibility to the host shared folders without setting up sharing configurations for its use.

Is Virtual PC 2007 compatible with windows 7?

Though Virtual PC 2007 cannot run windows 7 as a guest OS but still it can be installed efficiently on Windows 7 as a host OS. This is because Windows 7 tend to have compatibility modes featuring Windows XP, Windows ME and many Windows legacy OS.

Is it possible installing a Linux Guest OS on Virtual PC 2007 or a Mac OSX?

Yes, it is possible to install a Linux OS on a guest machine on Virtual PC 2007 but there is no official support for Linux OS. Whereas Mac OSX is concerned, it is not legally possible to install Mac OSX on the Windows Virtual PC 2007.

What is VHD in Virtual PC?

The term VHD is used for Virtual Hard Disk technology developed by Connectix, now acquired by Microsoft Corps for its software that is known to us by name of Virtual PC. VHD is a file format that represents Virtual Hard Disk Drive (HDD). It may contain information on disk partition or file-system for a virtual machine.

Is Microsoft Virtual Server similar to Virtual PC?

Is Microsoft Virtual Server is a virtual server was developed by Connectix. Virtual machines are created and managed through an IIS web-based interface or through a Windows client application tool called VMRCplus. Microsoft distributes Windows Virtual Server 2005 R2 that is freely downloadable from Microsoft site.

Under which license the Virtual Pc 2007 is distributed?

Virtual Pc is a product of Microsoft Corps and is distributed under a proprietary license. Proprietary software is computer software licensed under exclusive legal right of the copyright holder. The licensee is given the right to use the software under certain conditions, while restricted from other uses, such as modification, further distribution, or reverse engineering.
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