What is CAML?

What is CAML? Explain its usage.

What is CAML?

- CAML stands for Collaborative Application Markup Language.

- It is an XML based language.

- It provides data constructs that used to build up the SharePoint fields and is also used for table definition.

Usage of CAML:

- CAML is used to build or customize SharePoint based sites and construct a CAML query in a WebPart to retrieve the values from a SharePoint List.

- It is an XML-based language which is used to build and customize websites.

- It provides a schema definition to the web site provisioning system about how the site looks and acts.

- It defines views and forms for data and page rendering or execution.

- It acts as a rendering language that performs functions in the DLL like pulling a value from a particular field.

- It provides batch functionality for posting multiple commands to the server using protocol.
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