Asynchronous and synchronous event receivers

Difference between an asynchronous and synchronous event receivers.

Synchronous EventsAsynchronous Events
This event fires before the actual event does.This event fires after the actual event.
It helps in getting the HttpContent.We cannot get the HttpContent.
The error message can be displayed.The error message cannot be displayed.
This event can be cancelled.This event cannot be cancelled.
Synchronous methods end with "ing" such as itemadding, itemupdating itemdeleting.Asynchronous methods end with "ed" such as itemadded, itemupdated, itemdeleted.
Synchronous and Asynchronous events
Synchronous event are the ones in which the caller needs to pause to wait for a response. The fact that it waits for a response means that the call is a “blocking” call to the event handler.......
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