Content management in Office SharePoint 2007

What are the features of the new Content management in Office SharePoint 2007?

MOSS provides enhanced document management including document authoring, business document processing, web content management and publishing, records management, policy management, and support for multilingual publishing.

Content management is divided into 3 categories:

1. Document management : Manage documents in the Document Center, Manage translation documents and processes, Convert documents on the server, and Integrate document management on the server and the client.

2. Records management : Implement information management policies, Limit actions on files that are downloaded from sites, Manage records retention in the Records Center, and Manage e-mail records.

3. Web content management : Improve the consistency and efficiency of your site design, Customize sites with Office SharePoint Designer 2007, Publish SharePoint sites more systematically, Create and update pages from the Web-based content editor, Create and update pages from 2007 Office release client programs, Create and maintain variations of a site, Manage site navigation more easily, and Manage sites more effectively.
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