How to implement workflow in SharePoint

Explain how to implement workflow in SharePoint.

Steps to implement workflows in MOSS:

1. Add workflow to a document library, routing document to different people for approval.
2. Document author starts the workflow and creates document approval tasks, and assigns these tasks to various participants/people.
3. Author sends an email to various participants with task instructions and a link to the document in question.
4. As participants complete their actions one after the other, they can view the status of the document.
5. The workflow ends when all participants have completed their tasks regarding the document.
6. Author of the workflow is notified via an email after the workflow has ended.
What are the ways to initiate the workflow?
What are the ways to initiate the workflow? - Ways to initiate a workflow: Once a workflow has been linked to a document, one can start the workflow by selecting the workflow that you want from the list of workflows available for the document or item.......
Types of workflow supported, i.e. Sequential, State Machine
Types of workflow supported: Sequential: Sequential workflow as the name suggests simply depicts the fact that there is a collection of tasks which need be completed in a sequence one by one.......
Components that Workflow Architecture contains
Components of workflow architecture: One can create workflows using Visual Studio2010 workflow designer. Every single workflow is compiled into its own dll. One needs to create a Workflow definition (XML based) to use it in a farm.......
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