What is the WebPartManager sealed class?

What is the WebPartManager sealed class? What is its purpose?

What is the WebPartManager sealed class?

- It is the functionality which is provided when you are working with moving a WebPart from WebPartZone to WebPartZone.

- It is also known as the central class of the WebPart control set.

What is its purpose?

- The WebPartManager sealed class manages everything in context of a WebPart page, i.e. WebParts controls, events, functionality in WebPartZones etc.

- This class is responsible for managing everything occurring on a WebPart page.

- It manages everything in context of a WebPart page.

- It consists of all the methods that are required by the control developers for the extension of WebPartManager that controlled inside the WebPartManagerInternal class.

- This class includes simplifies API and libraries that inherit the customized properties of the control.

- It includes the controls with custom display modes, zones, verbs, WebPart controls and extensions that are used for web user interface.

- It consists of the responsibility for the management that is occurring on the webpage.
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