.NET Compact Framework Assemblies and Files

.NET Compact Framework Assemblies and Files

Assemblies and Files provided by .NET CF for application development:

Native Code:
Mscoree.dllStub for the correct CLR engine.
Mscoree3_5.dllJust-in-time (JIT) and code engines.
Netcfagl3_5.dllNative code portion of Windows.Forms.
Netcfd3dm3_5.dllNative code portion of D3DM.
Cgacutil.exeGlobal assembly cache utility.

Managed code:

Mscorlib.dllBase class libraries.1.0
System.dllBase class libraries.1.0
System.xml.dllXML Reader, Writer, and DOM support.1.0
System.Core.dllBase class libraries.3.5
System.Data.dllADO.NET dataset support.1.0
System.Drawing.dllGraphics Device Interface (GDI) drawing support.1.0
System.Messaging.dllMessage Queuing (also known as MSMQ).2.0
System.Windows.Forms.dllForms package.1.0
System.Web.Services.dllXML Web service client support1.0
Microsoft.VisualBasic.dllVisual Basic runtime library.1.0
CustomMarshallers.dllCustom marshalers2.0
System.ServiceModel.dllWindows Communication Foundation (WCF) for devices.3.5
System.Xml.Xlinq.dllLanguage-Integrated Query (LINQ) for devices3.5
System.Data.Entity.dllSupports LINQ infrastructure3.5
System.Runtime.Serialization.dllSerialization and deserialization of objects.3.5

Additional Components:
System.Net.IrDA.dllInfrared communications.1.0
System.Windows.Forms.DataGrid.dllDataGrid control for the .NET Compact Framework (1.0 only)1.0
Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms.dllWindows Embedded CE .NET Framework controls2.0
Microsoft.WindowsMobile.DirectX.dllManaged DirectX and Direct3D for devices.2.0
Microsoft.ServiceModel.Channels.Mail.dllWindows Communication Foundation (WCF) Exchange Server mail transport for devices.3.5
Microsoft.ServiceModel.Channels.Mail.WindowsMobile.dllWCF Exchange Server mail transport for Windows Mobile devices.3.5
.NET Compact Framework in version 3.5
Changes in .NET CF 3.5 are: Supports windows communication foundation (WCF), Supports language integrated query (LINQ)....
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