Components and capabilities of the .NET Compact Framework

Describes core components and capabilities of the .NET Compact Framework.

Some of the components and capabilities of .NET CF:

- Supports garbage collection.
- Has various controls along with supported properties, methods and events.
- Ability to create custom controls with Windows forms designer support.
- Supports complex and simple data binding with various controls such as the datagrid control.
- Allows for programming with ADO.NET data classes.
- Enables synchronization SQL Server CE with SQL 2000/05/08 databases.
- Create graphical output including font and printing.
Differences between the .NET Compact Framework and the full .NET Framework
.NET Framework and also includes some specific class libraries for supporting mobile devices. Here are the differences:
Devices and platforms supported by the .NET Compact Framework
NET CF is supported by all Microsoft smart devices, including Pocket pc devices, Pocket PC Phone edition
.NET Compact Framework applications with Visual Studio
Visual studio has a template project for smart device. This enable developers to develop applications for smart devices.....
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