Overview of the .NET Compact Framework

Overview of the .NET Compact Framework.

.NET Compact Framework is a scaled down versions of .NET framework for supporting Windows CE based mobile and embedded devices like mobile phones, PDA’s, factory controllers etc. It uses some of the libraries of .NET framework as it is and also includes some special libraries for supporting mobile devices. Some includes libraries are not the exact .NET libraries but a scaled down version of those for reducing space needs.
What is Language Integrated Query (LINQ)?
Language Integrated Query (LINQ) - LINQ is a set of extensions to .NET Framework that encapsulate language integrated query, set and other transformation operations....
What are access modifiers?
ASP.NET - What are access modifiers? - Access modifiers are used to control the scope of type members..
Namespace for Web page in ASP.NET
ASP.NET - namespace for Web page in ASP.NET - System.Web.UI.Page.
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