Describe .NET Mobile Emulators

Describe .NET Mobile Emulators.

Applications built using MMIT can be tested and viewed using a variety of emulators.

Using Browser: Mobile web pages detect the browser, hence can be tested using the standard browsers like IE6.

Openwave: This is the most commonly used browser for Internet-enabled mobile phones.

Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit: This is a toolkit from Nokia which enables testing for a variety of Nokia phones/devices.

Windows Mobile Development Platform: This is a Microsoft platform used to test applications for Windows Mobile O/s
.Net Mobile Pages vs. ordinary .NET web page
.Net Mobile Pages - .NET Mobile pages are similar to ordinary .NET Webpages. only difference being the tag.....
.Net Mobile Forms
.Net Mobile Forms - .NET Mobile Forms are specialized Web forms which can work on various mobile devices. Each Mobile Page must have at least one mobile form.
.Net Mobile automatic paging
.Net Mobile automatic paging - .NET mobile supports automatic paging for a variety of mobile devices. Paging is handled differently for different controls...
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