ATM technology vs. Ethernet technology - Networking

ATM technology vs. Ethernet technology.

Ethernet technology:

- Delivers high bandwidth to high-speed server connections.
- Familiar technology and relatively inexpensive
- The traffic to deliver an effective Class of service cannot be prioritized
- It limits jitter to deliver Quality of Service can not be delivered

ATM technology:

- Designed for the purpose of integrating telephony, data, voice and video traffic on a single network for both LANs and WANs
- ATM technology accommodates a variety of different bit rates.
- Real-time traffic is supported by limiting jitter and latency across the networks.
- End-to-End congestion and flow control are provided by using indictors which are able to inform a transmitting station for slowing down its transmission due to a congested path.
- It is high cost compared to Ethernet.
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