Circuit Level gateway and its advantages and disadvantages

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Networking - Explain Circuit Level gateway. Advantages and disadvantages of Circuit Level gateway - Jan 30, 2010 at 18:00 pm by Vidya Sagar

Explain Circuit Level gateway. Advantages and disadvantages of Circuit Level gateway. 

Circuit Level gateways works at the session layer of OSI model. The TCP handshaking between packets for determining whether a session requested is legitimate or not is monitored by Circuit level gateways. The information that is passed to a remote computer through a circuit level gateway will appear as if originated from the gateway. The above process is useful for information hiding about protected networks. CL gateways are inexpensive.

The following are the advantages of Circuit Level Gateways:

- Private network data hiding
- Avoidance of filtering individual packets
- Flexible in developing address schemes
- Don’t need a separate proxy server for each application
- Simpler to implement

The following are the disadvantages of Circuit Level Gateways:

- Active content can not be scanned or disallowed commands.
- Can only handle TCP connections – new extensions proposed for UDP
- TCP/IP stacks are mandatorily be modified by vendor for using CL Gateways. 

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