Explain the use of IGMP Protocol - Networking

Explain the use of IGMP Protocol.

The transmission of datagram to a host group is done in IP multicasting by setting zero or more hosts that are identified by a single IP destination address. The IP multicasting needs the implementation of the Internet Group Management Protocol for allowing a host for creating, joining, and leaving host groups as well as send IP datagram to the host groups.
What is Multicasting? Explain the different types of hosts in Multicasting - Networking
Multicasting is a technology for the purpose of delivering information to a destinations group simultaneously........
What are Ping and Tracert? - Networking
Ping: Ping is used for verification of IP-Level connectivity. The following are the processes for using ping:........
Explain how Tracert works - Networking
An ICMP echo packet to the named host is sent by Tracert. It sends packet with a TTL of 1, then TTL of 2 and so on.......
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