How do we monitor data in Sockets? - Networking

How do we monitor data in Sockets?

- Socket activities are monitored by IP and Socket Monitor tool.

- Socket monitor is designed for programming using IP and Sockets.

- Socket monitor persists and display the socket API calls which are made by the application, like, accept, connect etc.

- The socket will remain open to handle the data streamlined to and from terminals.

- The data is provided to the agent from an external application, running on the same system as the agent.

- The data can be sent by the external application to the agent anytime it wants to.

- For example, a command-line interface can be developed which allows a user to post data to an attribute group when it is run.
Another option is a monitored application can be modified to send the updates to the agent.

- The agent does not start or stop the application that is sending data to the socket; this action is controlled by the user.
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