PPP Packet Format - Networking

Explain PPP Packet Format.

The following are the fields in the format of PPP packet. The fields transmission is from left to right.

Code Field: The code field is one octet, which identifies the kind of LCP packet. A code-reject packet is transmitted, when a packet is received with an unknown code field. In the most recent Assigned Numbers RFC, the LCP code field’s up-to-date field values are specified.

Identifier: The identifier field supports as an aid for matching requests and responses. When an invalid identifier field is available in a received packet, the packet discarding occurs without affecting the automation silently.

Length: It has two octets which indicate the length of the LCP packet, including the Code, Identifier, and Data fields. The length is not supposed to exceed the MRU of the specified link. On reception, the octets outside the range of the Length field are treated as padding and are ignored.

Data: It has zero or more octets. This was indicated by the Length field. The Code field identifies the format of Data field.
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