Use of RTP and RTCP protocols - Networking

Explain the use of RTP and RTCP protocols (Real-Time Transfer Control Protocols).

Real-time Transport Protocol is a standardized packet format. It is used for delivering audio and video over internet. RTP was developed by Audio-Video Transport Working Group of the IETF. The communication and entertainment systems are potential in using RTP , which involves streaming media applications and web based push to talk features. Media streams are carried by H.323,MGCP, Megaco signaling protocols, for performing the streams to carry over network.

Real-time Transfer Control Protocol is used along with RTP. RTP carries audio and video, or out of band signaling, RTCP is utilized for monitoring transmission statistics and quality of service information. With both the protocols conjunction, RTP is originated and received on port numbers that are even, while RTCP uses the port numbers that are next higher odd port numbers.
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